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The Ghost Album lyrics - Wyrd lyrics

Daughter Of The Forest lyrics

Daughter of the forest
With a pine garland on her head
Binded from twigs and thorns
Unsightly, yet radiant
Beloved of the woods

Daughter of the forest
With mud and soil on her face
But no amount of dirt hide her grace
Once revered, now alone
Relic from the olden days

Her altar was built from the sighs of gods
Covered in wild roses, ash and thorns

Daylight Dies lyrics

When the winter nights grow longer
And the days have no returnings
When the long nights shimmer whitely
Over the icy wastes and woods
When the northern winds grow colder
And the days of man come to an end
When the stars flicker one last time
And then die

Losing tomorrow
Forgetting yesterday
Daylight dies
And life withers away

When my mind finally betrays me

They lyrics

Things are different at night
They are waiting just out of sight
Faces in the window of an empty house
Whispers echoing through silent halls

Never alone
Never again
They'll never leave me
They'll never let me be

Things are different at night
They are waiting outside the light
Reflection in the mirror. Not mine
Thoughts inside my head. Not mine

My Ghosts lyrics

The doors are locked
And curtains drawn
But there is nowhere to hide
From the demons that dwell inside
Always fear the nightfall
Yet the dawn never brings solace
I throw another log into the fire
But can't seem to keep the cold outside

Where ever my path may lead
My ghosts will always follow me
Trapped in the darkness of my mind
Never more than two steps behind

Dark Water lyrics

Fall upon the dark waters
Floating down the coal-black currents
Through cataracts and rapids
To the tombs of Tuonela

How to bear the stings of serpents,
Tortures of the reed of waters,
How to bear the stings of serpents,
From the streams of Tuonela

To the blackest of all streams
To the waters of Tuoni
To the falls of the deathland
To the waters of Tuoni

Fall upon the waters


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