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Singles lyrics - Wylie & The Wild West Show lyrics

76 With A Miss lyrics

Wylie Gustafson (Two Medicine Music, BMI)


Happy Rovin' Cowboy lyrics

Bob Nolan (Unichappel Music) ASCAP

Hear my song as I ride along
I'm a Happy Rovin' Cowboy

Herdin' the dark clouds out of the sky

Keepin' the heavens blue

No where to go nothing to do

Iâm a happy rovinâ cowboy

Let me ride that long trail down to the end

Where the skies are always blue

I aint got a dime; I'm just spendin' my time

I'm a Happy Rovin' Cowboy

Saddle Broncs And Sagebrush lyrics

Words Paul Zarzyski/ Music W. Gustafson

(Bucking Horse Moon Music /Two Medicine Music, BMI)

Saddle broncs and sagebrush
A buckskin called Gold Rush

Was the baddest caballos

A cowboy could ride

Shaggy manes and trail dust

Grandsons of Pegasus

Slip off the blinders

And head for the sky

Saddle broncs and sagebrush

Way back when they really bucked

Rockabye Lullaby lyrics

Wylie Gustafson (Two Medicine Music, BMI)

Rockabye, Lullaby, Baby go to sleep
Good night, close your eyes, sweet dreams are yours to keep
May worlds of wonder fill your slumber
And the sun shine when you wake
Rockabye, Lullaby, baby go to sleep

Out Here lyrics

Wylie Gustafson (Two Medicine Music) BMI

I crack out my saddle at daylight, throw a leg over and ride
The voice of the morning whispers and soothes me deep inside

And hope is born in another dayâ

Out here

The rhythm of the trail gently rocks me like a baby in a motherâs arms

A cool breeze kisses and caresses and nothing can do me any harm

Mmm...montana lyrics

Wylie Gustafson (Two Medicine Music, BMI)

Mountain waters meander down
Coursing through her fertile ground

Wild prairies, chokecherries


Sweetgrass hills standing tall

Endless skies, waterfalls

Me oh my, sheâs got it all


Wash me in her waters

Roll me on her plains

Take me to the one I love

Montana is her name

Marie lyrics

Wylie Gustafson (Two Medicine Music, BMI)

I loved a girl, her name was Marie
But the hand of God took her from me

Down by the river in her favorite dress

Down by the river I laid her to rest

Marie , Marie the wind calls her name

What I wouldn't give to hold her again

In the little old shack that once was our home

In the little old shack where I wait alone

Manolito lyrics

Wylie Gustafson (Two Medicine Music) BMI

Manolito el caballo bonito, born to carry the saddle
Manolito el caballo bonito, el gato at cuttinâ the cattle

Barely stands 14 hands, but he sabe the business bueno

Manolito el caballo bonito, watch him dance to and fro

Manolito el caballo bonito, born on el llano de Canada

Manolito el caballo bonito, the pride of el caballada

Luther Played The Boogie lyrics

Johnny Cash (House of Cash, Inc. BMI)

We were just an ol' hillbilly band with a plain ol' country style
We never played the kind of songs that'd drive anybody wild

Played a railroad song with a stomping beat

We played a blues song, kinda slow and sweet

But the thing that knocked them off of their feet was, ooh-wee

Leather Lover lyrics

Wylie Gustafson (Two Medicine Music) BMI

Heâs a leather lover

A rawhide man
Throws a fifty foot houlihan

Wears a flat brim hat

And a mule skin wrap

Ainât like no other

Heâs a leather lover

Heâs a leather lover

One cool cowhand

Rolls a Johnny Blocher

With a flick of a hand

Heâs a brush popper

Rides a frog walker

El coyotesâs brother

I Gram My Saddle Horn And Blow lyrics

Bob Nolan (Unichappel Music ASCAP)

Anytime I get the urge to travel
Anywhere the tumbleweeds blow

Happy when the hooves are scratchinâ gravel

I grab my saddle horn and blow

You may think a certain place has got me

And from there I never will roam

But you son of a gun Iâll bet you a hundred to one

I grab my saddle horn and blow

Hooves Of The Horses lyrics

Words William H.Ogilvie/ Music W. Gustafson (Two Medicine Music, BMI)

The hooves of the horses O' witching and sweet
Is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet

No whisper of lover, no trilling of bird

Can stir me as hooves of the horses have stirred

They spurn disappointment and trample despair

And drown with their drum beats the challenge of care

Everyday lyrics

B. Holly/ N. Petty (Peer Music BMI)

Everyday, it's a gettin' closer

Goin' faster than a roller coaster

Love like yours will surely come my way, (hey, hey, hey)

Everyday, it's a gettin' faster

Everyone says go ahead and ask her

Love like yours will surely come my way, (hey, hey, hey)

Everyday seems a little longer

Every way, love's a little stronger

Equus Caballus lyrics

Words: Joel Nelson, Music:Wylie Gustafson (Two Medicine Music) BMI

I have run on middle fingernail through Eolithic morning

And Iâve thundered down the coach road with Revolutionâs warning
I have carried countless errant knights who never found the grail

I have strained before the caissons, Iâve moved the nationâs mail

A Good One lyrics

Wylie Gustafson (Two Medicine Music) BMI

Thereâs nuthin like a good one between yer knees

Light to the rein and willinâ to please
Together as one the day will be done

On a good one Iâll find my way home

The world looks better from up on a throne

Strapped to the topside of muscle and bone

Below me, a friend, on whom I depend


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