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Nefret lyrics - Wykked Wytch lyrics

Trauma lyrics

Trauma Was My Premonition
This Can't Be Real, Why Me
Faced With This Awakening
What Is This Suppose To Be

I Lost My Innocence
Framed Is This Conspiracy
As I Saw My Child, Lifeless On The Floor
Shattered Dreams, Oblivious

Where Am I
Why Am I Still Here
Since You Taken All Of Me


Searching For Answers That I Will Never Know
Can't Stand The Truth
When This Life Is Gone

The Soul Awaits lyrics

I Send This False Being To Search My Entity
Soul I Have Not Seen Awaits For Me

Soul Awaits Soul Awaits Soul Awaits

Emptiness I've Felt Disables Me
Is There Meaning To This Senseless Fight
Self Destruction Keeps Feeding Me
Soul Was Never Born But It Waits For Me

Efforts Not Enough, Not Affective
Failure Will Join, Destroy Our Energy
We Are Ill With Sickness, With No Remedy

Seduced By Fear lyrics

Fear Is Within, Like Dripping Blood
I Can't Run From It
Awareness Not Helping
I'm Lost In My Words
Sentence Me To My Despair
Mentally Mute Deteriorated
Forgive Me If I'm Deprived

I Fear Nothing
There Is Nothing
Nothingness Surrounds Me
I Feel Nothing

Emptiness Saddens The World
There's Nothing Else Left
Destruction On The Way
Can't Defeat This Crisis

I Fear Nothing

Nefret lyrics

Praise Your Glory; Here I Am
The Exalted Are Disguised
I'm At Their Throats
Vengeance On The World
Punish The Disciples
Put Them Six Feet Under
Let Them Praise In My Name
Enemies At Their Demise

If Anyone Strikes Me I'll Do The Same As They Do To Me
I Have Redemption And Freedom To Their Domain
You Completely Depend Upon Me
I Will Take The Action
Condemn The Simple Passive Ones

Many Lives lyrics

Liars... Lies...
Betrayal Makes Me Realize I Have No One To Trust
Religion Is Man Made, To Make Me Fear
I Wanna Die, Don't Need Your Sympathy
Everyone Wants Piece Of Me
But I Rise Above

No Gods - No Christ - Since Justice Failed
No Gods - No Christ - It's All Make Believe
No Gods - No Christ - Can't Cure Ill Society
There Are No God, We Know That By Now

Illfate lyrics

Looking At The Mirror Who Do I See
Dark Circles Around My Eyes
Desperate Woman
Is This Who You Wanna Be

Is It Something I Said
Why Blame Anyone
Maybe It Is Your Illfate
It Is Your Illfate
Maybe It Is Your Illfate
It Is Your Illfate

I Can Shout, I Can Strike
I'm Your Double Vision
You Always Fear Me
Future Looks Blurry
Faith Taking A Toll On Me
Take A Look, Take A Look

Fatal Intention lyrics

What lies Beneath, Shadow Of The Doubt
We Are The Nation, Misguided Children
Bribery Is Their Only Sources
To Keep Me Alive
Others Ignore My Existence
Cause I Have Fatal Intentions
There Are Times I'm Anxious
Other Times I Care Less
Love Always Disgusts Me
I Have Hate Instead
I Saw This Sick Child
Violent And Vicious
I Had No Vision

No One No One
No One No One

Eternal Lies lyrics

The Sun Stop Shining
When Someone Dies Eternal Lies
Angels Are Not Saviors To The God That I Sacrificed
I Have No Weakness, My Strength You Will Fear
I'm Not A Believer Of Your Eternal Lies

Payback The Truth You Took From Me
The Fantasy You Told Became A Brutal Reality
Payback The Innocence You've Taken From Me
The Lies That Were Told Had No Boundaries

You Knew The Lies You Preached

Cursed Destiny lyrics

Is This The Face, You Despise To Hate
My Desperation Pulling Me To The End
It's Final, It's Near, lt's Too Late

Despair I Felt For Years
Today Is A Good Day To Fade
Could I Scrape The Wounds
Inflicted Upon Me,
Should I Cease The Voices
Screaming To My Ears
Is There Anyone, Can Hear My Screams
As The Night Falls Paranoia I'm Paralyzed
The Beast Brings Out Worst Of Me This Is Not Real


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