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bastards are mine - Wykked Wytch

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Bastards Are Mine lyrics

Bastards Are Mine lyrics

Creatures Of The Dark,
Waiting To Be Raised Awaken All The Frozen Souls
Redeeming My Crimes,
Before The Judgment CallI Come For The III Entity,
Now Pay The Price
Fuck Your Lord, I Condemn You Fuck... Fuck... Fuck...
No Flesh On My Bone, Ceased Reflections On My Pulse
It's My Desire, To Seek Revenge
On Your Pity Souls
And I Intend To Carry It Out
Without Will I Demand
It's My Desire, To Go Against
I Command...
Devil's Taken My Home,
Possessed My Obsessions Fuck Off Your Lords
No Fear, Don't Look Back Behind
Regrets Are All Mine,
Dead Souls Are Yours Fuck Your Lord,
Don't Give A Damn
Fuck Your Lord, I Am My God
Ghost Of The Damned
Blood Stains On My Hand
Fallen Corpses Pulling Me To Death
Death Sentence That I Must Face
Claim Your Blackest Soul
It's Getting Dark Towards
The End Of The Tunnel
I Will...
Rotten Souls On The Way
Now 1 Must Face
The Puppets In This Theatre Before Death
I Pull Your Stings
All Obey My Authority
Fuck... Fuck... Fuck...
My Final Confession...
Sacrificed Depth Of My Reality
I Stand Before The Serpent
Rise By My Deadly Command
Chosen For The Sake Of The Dead
Fuck Your Lord Whatever You Worship To
Fuck Your Lord, Now You, Bury Us All
Fuck Off, Fuck Off

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