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The Preacher's Son [Enhanced] lyrics - Wyclef Jean lyrics

Industry lyrics

Yeah I wanna dedicate this to everybody that love hip hop music
Cause without hip hop music I wouldn't be here today
Preacher's son, yeah

[Verse 1]
Imagine if Biggie and Pac never got shot
And they both still were rulers of hip hop
And Puffy and Suge was roomates from college
And Big L never got found in the alley
Nas and Jay-Z they were still homies
Squash the beef with Ja Rule and 5

Party To Damascus lyrics

Wyclef:Its Ova Missy With The Preachers Son
Its Ova I Tol Ya'll...J Clef Lets Go...

Missy: Hey Yo Clef These Mother Fuckers Ain
Ready For This Shit

Missy Rappin:Me N Clef On This Track Wha U Wan
Heard U Wanna Battle Us Both I Hope U Don
Hand Me My Mic Two Woofers In The Trunk
Sounds Like Gunk Gu Gunk Gu Gunk Gu Gunk Gu Gu Gu Gunk
I Drink Tha Don Perrion
I Drink Tha Shot Of Petron To Turn Me On

Take Me As I Am lyrics

(feat. Sharissa)

I wanna send this one out to my vanilla ice-cream chocolate pudding pie
That stayed with me in the hood, do or die
Refugee camp

Yeah, this one goes out to my Almond Joy
My banana that never split
The one that stuck with me

Before I had the bling bling
I thought I'd hit up in Sing Sing
Who would have ever thought that we'd be doing our thing

Three Nights In Rio lyrics

Three nights in Rio De Janeiro with no sounds of buses
No ambulance, no police sirens to interrupt my silence, aha
Mucho trabajo poquito dinero
Means I work hard and have no money
Playin' my guitar, I'm sitting on the beach
I'm sippin' margaritas as the water splash my feet
It's too hot in New York I had to get away
So here's a ticket, meet me on the beach in the shade


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