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Presents the Carnival lyrics - Wyclef Jean lyrics

BubbleGoose lyrics


[Intro: (1st half sung, 2nd half spoken)]

When I was young, Mama played a guitar
A microphone and she said I'd go far
She said, "Just keep all the lyrics hardcore"
Listen to my talk and get up, I'm on the corner with my...

Hey kids, gather around, it's Wyclef and Melky Sedeck
I got a story to tell, heeeeeeere we go

[Chorus: (sung)]

Gone Till November lyrics


I dedicate this record, "The Carnival",
to all you brothers taking long trips down sout,
Virgina, Baltimore, all around the world,
and your girl gets this message that you ain't coming back.
She sits back in the room, the lights are off, she's crying,
and then my voice comes inn.
POW..:! in the middle of the night, and this is what I told her for you:


Guantanamera lyrics

Hola! Soy Celia Cruz
Y estoy aqui con Wyclef, celebrando Carnival; Azucar!!)
[singing] Guantanamera
[Wyclef] We out here in Miami just shining
[singing] Guajila, Guantanamera
[Wyclef] Worldwide
[singing] Guan-tana-mera
[Wyclef] Bout to bring it to you in stereo
[singing] Guajila voy, de na meda
Yo soy un hombre sincero
[Wyclef] That was then, this is now

Jaspora lyrics

Men sa le monde antye tap tann
Wyclef ki sot nan fugee.

Jeremi! ayiti! potoprins! flatbush!
Souw fyè deskow se ayisyen mache

Dyaspora npa respekte dyaspora (4 fwa)

Depwi mwen piti mwen te kite ayiti
Gen sa ki al brooklyn gen sa ki al miami
Poukisa jamariken toujou di se jamariken?
Men ayisyen pè di li se ayisyen
Poukisa ou pè di nonw se samyèl?

Mona Lisa lyrics

Yo Mona Lisa, could I get a date on Friday and if your busy, I
wouldn't mind taking Saturday.

(Wyclef Talking)
Right about now, if you are in your jeep. Please turn up your radio.
If you don't have a Jeep, and you have a little hooptie I still want
you to crank up your volume.
We want all the ladies to sit back, relax, let your hair out.

Sang Fezi lyrics

Ki ayisien kap di'm map mache New - York san fezi
(Which haitian says i walk in New - York without a gun)
Mwen di ou messie nou menti
(I tell you man y'all lying)
La bum yo ginbe ou yo devore ou se la ou mouri police vini
(When the bum catches you they eat you up it's when you die the police comes)
Mwen di ou messie nou menti
(I tell you man y'all lying)

Street Jeopardy lyrics

Wyclef (speaking):
Guys, you have to be more gangster, more blood
more gun talk, more people dying, more hardcore
Enough, come on, I'm not feeling it man
More, more, man (I got you)
Alright, come with it (gunshot)

The million dollar question is, the million dollar question is...
S.. s.. street corner...

Wyclef (singing):
(this is what he said)


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