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Within lyrics - Wuthering Heights lyrics

The Wanderer's Farewell lyrics

Here I stand looking at the sky

It has never been so red before

Here I stand looking at the mountains

They have never been so tall before

Now the road lies ahead

Yes I'm heading on

But don't miss me when I'm gone

I might find what I seek

And one day I might be back

And then I'll save a prayer

That you'll be there

O brothers, you must think that I don't care

The Bird lyrics

I feel off light; light is my source

All evil thoughts and pathful memorties are washed away

By the radiance of golden spring

Standing as a flaming torch on the road of time

Past, present and future gathered in one force

Physical pleasure; summer is mine

I'm dying in the darkness

I'm living in the light

I'm but a song, a voice in the wind

And I feel like flying

Too Great Thy Gift lyrics

I'm freezing; I'm cold

I've fallen into this dark hole

Lights out; in darkness the fears unhold

Drown in waves of no meaning
Through the night I am screaming

Throw me a rope to hold

Empty is the crystal ball; still into emptiness I fall

If I could ride the clouds; if I could crush the hills

Would it mend what's growing chill

How shall I act not to be wasting time

Hunter In The Dark lyrics

The silent see; no rolling wavws

Yet in my soul are darkened caves

Something roaming in my mind

A creature from another time

The sea grows red as sun goes down

A voice cries out; I turn around

Hidden power not to see

Red horizon calling me

And I'm crying out in pain

I must have gone insane

Don't know what's dragging me; just know it's true

I don't know what to do

Enter The Cave lyrics

Reality died

With the setting sun
Chilling winds are breathing

In the trees

Voices whisper

The saga lives on

Imagination decides

What the eye is to see

Come forth o wanderer

Be brave

As you enter the cave

Dreamwalker lyrics

He is walking in dreams

Not knowing reality's name

Still - is not real the fantasy

When believed in?

Through the shadows of what some call life

He is lighting his way

Not knowing if to kill or to cry

Pictures of unicorns on a hill

Pictures of rats in a street

Taking emotions to the extreme

Not knowing if to live or to die

Walking in dreams; not knowing reality's name

Sorrow In Memoriam lyrics

Striding forever down the road; continuous stream of losses

Leaving wrecks at every turning; broken glass and crosses

Whispers in the trees and ghosts in the attic

Will the sailor ever reach the shore

Will we ever know if there is more

Which is the curse, which is the gift; let me touch the sky

When we are born or when we die

For the love that was gone; for the hiding of the sun


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