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To Travel For Ever More lyrics - Wuthering Heights lyrics

Through Within To Beyond lyrics

There are strange signs in the air tonight
The walls creep close
Surrounded by liquid shapes and shadows

The minstrel is convincing tonight
To me and to the forms that fly
Invisible below the ceiling
Covered in layer upon layer of memories

I know I can't silence the screaming
But not even that can trouble me right now
I feel a sudden warmth, I'm outside time and tears

The Never Shining Stones lyrics

Here I am, can you feel me breating
In the rhythm of the world I'm in

Here I am, can you feel me breathing
In the rhythm of the world I'm in
Reaching out I caress the trees
While the sun revolves above me
Teh air is so rich I can almost drink it

Dance like a fay twixt tree and stream so cold
The true philosopher's stones
Never shall turn nothing into gold

See Tomorrow Shine lyrics

In my dream...
âTwas a cold morning when I saw the first of them
Tiny spots on the horizon
Their wings blackening out the sun
Exodus had begun
Messengers of damnation
And the people cried: âThe birds are leavingâ

Great was the mourning when they were gone
In a bloodred sunset eternal
Through when they were here we never did hear them

River Oblivion lyrics

River Oblivion

Light flickers like burning birds
On the dark, silky surface
The willows are leaning over the edge
To catch a glimpse of her beauty

Such a relief
To sink into her shadows
Deep as the grief
Left on the bank

The passage to the other side
The light sat the end
So longed for
And feared

How magic the moment of revealing
How wondrous the waters of healing

Lost Realms lyrics

Strange how the world shrinks while you grow up
Some of it seems so long ago
It cannot really have been me at all

As future turns to past
Premonition turns to reminiscence
Reality to mythology
Doors open wide

Somehow some memories
Are growing ever stronger
Ever clearer
As doors begin to shut

Tell me why must my childhood's oceas turn into lakes
Horizons move ever nearer

Dancer In The Light lyrics

Black waves like thunderous towers in over me fall
Dark pools open to swallow all
Greedy claws of decadence grasp at every limb
A mirror of marred, grinning faces

In the eye of this storm of staring eyes I stand
Lightning rips both sky and land
Demonic choirs of disharmony
Screaming their false lamentation
And I know I cannot escape
This darkness that's trying to fill me

A Sinner's Confession lyrics


I was born in a time when the world was still free
I know not really when, where or why
Born a king child, but on the same day
It is told you could hear the land cry

Blood boiling like the core of this world
With which I was one
Before I turned into ice
And my back to the sun
Yes before I turned my back to the sun


Growing up I lived and learned


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