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the downfall of pity - Wurdulak

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The Downfall Of Pity lyrics

The Downfall Of Pity lyrics

So why are we dynamite

To explore in your feeble minds

To destroy the expansion of conviction

To fulfill our devious benediction
Demon flowers so shall be

The outlook of your disintegration

To be the destroyer of worlds

The words are dead in your mouth

The bonescreen of your believe

Shatter as we fly into your vision

Of rotten flesh and dying opiates

Lust to double barrel kill you

An but what the fuck are you to me

If not a measure of gang green

I truly devote my craving instincts

To more dangerous living than shell shock

To obliterate to truly see

To watch the downfall of pity

To see beyond to never live

To be the affliction reflection

And so you die tonight my love

For all your pretty sins

And watch the christfigure unfold

To pornography as medical advice

And then as we are dynamite

You fold your bleeding hands

And we walk in square blood meters

And laugh and laugh and laugh

Oblivion was never an option

Fish hooks in your vacant dreams

You're lust part of our vision

Oblivion was never an option

Listen and fill in the blanks

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