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Severed Eyes Of Possession lyrics - Wurdulak lyrics

Unified Global Misanthrophy lyrics

No faith in your race

Buried among catacombs and

Veils of deceit
A downward spiral of misery

Look around and penetrate

The minds eye of infinity

A second skin of filth

That never washes away

Stand knee deep in human waste

Endless scenes of despair

To kill yourself is the only way out

Kill your fucking self

The Exquisite Taste Of Selfishness lyrics

Struggling between

Sanity and destruction

Mental ability diminishes

Forcing my mind to betray

Strangling all hope

For a prevalent life

Become the enemy

To my own existence

Entering new levels unknown

I accept my possession

Killing the opposed

Foolish believers

Of hope and prayer

Marching blindly into nothingness

The shall never know

The Downfall Of Pity lyrics

So why are we dynamite

To explore in your feeble minds

To destroy the expansion of conviction

To fulfill our devious benediction
Demon flowers so shall be

The outlook of your disintegration

To be the destroyer of worlds

The words are dead in your mouth

The bonescreen of your believe

Shatter as we fly into your vision

Of rotten flesh and dying opiates

Son Of Man lyrics

In my mind eye my thoughts

Light fires in your cities

The shadows of wrath
Embrace my soul

Forcing forward

Knowing no remorse

To live with pain

Fuels my desire

Weakness long forgotten

Abandoned on killing fields

Eye of the devil

Guides my way

Through frost and fire

Through darkness and desire

Storms of darkness

Feed my will

Blood gathered in battle

Sin Eater lyrics

Sovereign is dying

Lifeless cold and blue

Virgin summoned

Lay upon his corpse

The stench of decay

Incense for the watchers

Eager to feed

Off the sin

Share the warmth

From her fair skin

Aroused and cold from the lips

Of a cadaver

Disciples begin to breed

Raping seeds from the body

Reincarnating their beliefs

Arisen from death

Sacrificial offering

Revelations lyrics

A war of kingdoms

Destined to collide

Primitive origins
Second coming of

A new messiah

Drenched in pain alive

I am reborn

Yet forsaken destiny collapses

The birth of a new messiah

To the pain of a thousand years

Revelations new messiah

Revelations new messiah

Revelations new messiah

Revelations new messiah

Revelations new messiah

Spoken words of uncreation

Rescued By Oblivion lyrics

Incubus stationed at my left

Breath of life beyond recollection

Morbid zephlyns becoming kings
Excessive nature

Land into the mighty beast

Driven by hatred

Life long existence now extinct

They shall wither unwarned

Touched into deaf ears

Swallows of obedience

Tainted wonders never cease

Death has come

Marched into hell

By perfidious minions

Perpetual Domination lyrics

Open blind eyes

To the ways of old

Substandart morals

Foundation for the wear

Let me free your mind

Programmed thoughts

Christian cancer

Victims lost and left for dead

Begin a new dawn of redemption

It's there for the taking

A willing sacrifice

Let me free your mind

Programmed thoughts

Christian cancer

Perpetual domination

Perpetual domination


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