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Ceremony In Flames lyrics - Wurdulak lyrics

Satanic Utopia lyrics

[Lyrics by Killjoy]

Tortured cries

echoes of the sadist
gathering strength

evoking eternal fear

Battles won

through holocaust

dreaming of kingdoms

left unconquered

Eviscerated bodies

crippled and killed

blood splattered steel

a testament to will

A smoldering of faith

bittersweet tasted of siege

the spoils of victory

exited among christian


Gospels Of Depravity lyrics

[Lyrics by Maniac]

Breathe into my mind

breed inside my flesh
be one of my kind

die if you neglect

I am the electric gene

one who should detect

the rotting skin of sin

your eternal defect

prototype messiah

disgusting creature abandoned

teaching the false gospels

i shall be your depravity

In my hands you're dead, dead

although you're still alive

Containment Of Inferno lyrics

[Lyrics by Bard Faust]

Hold to the major stance

misled people will be given
no chance

food for vultures, prey for wolves

shattered and ripe, hear their calls

Containment of inferno, night of sword

a gallows in function, all for your lord

jesus is dead, killed by my will

a grip that by all means was

created to kill

Black current trinity

Chosen Below lyrics

[Lyrics by Killjoy]

Born of the jackal

blessed by sin
worthless servant, abandoned

unseen hands

embrace from the sky

i can hear hell (calling)

Upon the altar

cast in stone

i invoke the coming of gods

i concede to whore's desire

i am the waiting

Born of the jackal

blessed by sin

i foresee the coming of the end

i can feel the cold touch beyond

Ceremony In Flames lyrics

[Lyrics By Killjoy]

Sacrificial offering

drapped in holy shrouds
13 candles blazing

conjuring fiendish terror

Born into nothingness

a parasite arrives

capturing the pain of faith

bound and gagged

Through the maze of deceit

the true face of god is


a beauty in knowing his touch

offering a hand into freedom

Caressed by solitude

a plague of desire

Cauterizing The Wounds Of Christ lyrics

[Lyrics by Killjoy]

Beaten whipped and tortured

nailed upon the cross
halo of thorns driven deeper

no pity for the son of god

To die for nothing

suffering in vain

sins aren't forgiven

forever burning in your name

cauterizing the wounds of christ

Nothing to gain or inherit

persecution only lasts so long

faith grows weaker

the meek are never strong

Buried Beneath Perversion lyrics

[Lyrics by Killjoy]

Piercing the mind's eye
at last a perfect thought

enter those of vacant morals

breaking the will of men

once thought of as invincible

corrupting the purist form


turning it against it's master

Never again to be owned or


expanding into new horizons

gather in unspeakable numbers

outstretched arms assembled

now the answer is clear

At One With The Beast lyrics

[Lyrics By Killjoy]

Storming the gates of creation
stained glass shatters

destroy the sacred scrolls

ending the myth of paradise.

Devour the righteous

unarmed and pitiful

no mercy for the weak

slaughter of the innocents

Temples Crumble

wisdom set ablaze

see the world burning

through serpent eyes

Cast the shadow

in a land with no light

apocalyptic reigning


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