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yearbook of passing youth - Wunder Years

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Yearbook Of Passing Youth lyrics

Yearbook Of Passing Youth lyrics

another summer past. there was a test, i think we all failed, we must have left our cheat sheets in our lockers. changing faces in the dorms yeah, still here guess i could have gone, and when you write up your midterms, ill write, another rock song. funny how things turn out, its a punch line that makes me choke, and when a lightbulb flashes in your mind i just lite up another smoke. invincible i had it figured out, these tables turned without a doubt. when you return tell me what you learned and whats burning out. what we had was good, good times come to an end this is credit to that departure. used to wish the time would pass, now its just passed me up. i play those movies over in my head. the ghosts of my past returned, they're all haunting me, when your catching up on homework, i'll be catching up on memories. as you make new friends, dont forget your old ones. our footsteps may never close again, in the smiles and tears i will think of you. our time is a sky. and when your driving home for your winter holiday, ill be driving home for practice, destined to play

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