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Singles lyrics - Wunder Years lyrics

You Know Who You Are lyrics

after 5 longs years of lives, lies and politics
with the bitter past and future
now im cold and sinkin
thanks for the rule book
the one that you chose to follow
thanks but no thanks
ill chew my own food when i swallow

you got me figured out
just like the world is flat
theres nothin else for me to do
but on behalf of rock and roll..

Yearbook Of Passing Youth lyrics

another summer past. there was a test, i think we all failed, we must have left our cheat sheets in our lockers. changing faces in the dorms yeah, still here guess i could have gone, and when you write up your midterms, ill write, another rock song. funny how things turn out, its a punch line that makes me choke, and when a lightbulb flashes in your mind i just lite up another smoke.

The Wright Wrong lyrics

When history repeats itself this will be our take two
Unsolved blackboard math just like I'm erasing you
Drug the drinks I'll go off chasing grenades
Static beauty, a funeral serenade
Invisible men fall through your arms just to hit the floor
One fist was clenched, the other was clenching yours
Every blind smile brings braille frown
Pretty poison I drink you down

The Chills lyrics

You wrote the notes on cellophane
Wrap me up and suffocate my ears
Follow second hands ticking repetition
Dressing up for pop pesimism
It's a chokehold ticket to a one man show
The critics were raving
I didn't bother to go
Masses of martyrs in the wrong ticket line
I watch comedy classics because they're better than mine
I poison myself to find a cure
I manufacture sliding doors

Superbowl Sunday lyrics

here i am, selling coffee thinking of some girl who speaks with her eyes not her mouth. shes a lock, the kind that cant open and im sorry im not the key, that you need me to be. shes got a magnet in her eyes, in the twilight she is glowing, shes got hope on my shoulders, i'll take her down. on superbowl sunday everything will be fine. 31 million, thats a lot of good times.

Laughing At A Wound lyrics

I sing bitter notes and all the chords that hold me together.
They're the same chords that hang me by a noose
Gashed by the superficials salted by the fakes
Let's take a dip into this industry of shit talking
I should be walking away
Let's find the lines between love and hate
And paint them on the instruments that we all play
Going blind by inspiration
Muted by lack of skill

I Know Some Heroes lyrics

A needle in a haystack
Faces few and far between
Inspired by immunity
Stand tall above disease
I am amazed I stand half saved
Just like gravity you keep my feet on the ground
I'm lost and I'm found I owe so much to you
Zombie epidemics
You administer life
The diagnosis looks grim
We're flashing our terminal smiles
The heart that's not your own is often hard to see

Crush Fatal lyrics

I fell in love at the age of twelve
Had an idea...it's killing me
Infatuation and simplicity
Crushed hard with my TV
Our perfect worlds crumble from the inside out
It leaves a vacant shell where my ghost resides
Sleep through these days in dreams of great saves
I awake these nightmares seem so real
Pass all this time just to kill the time
It kills us just the same

Business Casual lyrics

Celebrate the dead
Bankroll the office party
on hospital beds
Our blood in these skyscraper walls
Life becomes commodity in purgatory's halls
Run the race backwards we're the first to finish last
The others will lap as we just laugh
Tie the words together of heroes and hate
Die the day our classics will fade away
Green robot shells play show and tell
Set it off, do it for yourself


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