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stillbirth - Wumpscut

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Stillbirth lyrics

Stillbirth lyrics

In a dark night you were born
In a dark place you were torn
Out of a mother without sin
The points were set you couldn't win
They tried to save you out of her womb
It will mean your grave and your tomb
You leave this earth before you know
To God's arbitrariness you have to bow
Condemned to suffer and die in the dark
There's no paradise that is worth to remark

There's no paradise

With high hopes she tried to give eternal life
But now the little worm is dead without a life
Don't be sad this is the way
That all creatures have to go on their last day
To God's arbitrariness you have to bow
With no consciousness nothing to know
Will we ever meet again will we suffer endlessly
We are lost in universe we are lost eternally

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