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shaolin worldwide - Wu-tang Clan

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Shaolin Worldwide lyrics

Shaolin Worldwide lyrics

f/ Street Life

"Who's the knucklehead wantin respect?" -- Ghostface

{sample repeats in background of Street's intro}

Intro: Street Life, (Method Man)

Yo, yo

Never doubt the Life


Who the fuck are you to criticize me?

Yo, I slap, yo, I slap dick ta ya wifey

Yo (respect, that's my word)

[Street Life]

Another Wu tradition, Street vision, listen

All my life I've been poverty stricken

Always took what's mines, never was given

a second chance just to rap sheet a bad decision

You can't knock the hustle or the life that I'm livin

Quick to stick the clip in, blow you out position

Street juridictions, nigga, no restriction

Concrete composition for emcee's in submission

Special edition crash course mission

Push through like the task force and crush all competition

See you from a distance, dry snitchin, whisperin

Greet your man posted up like two little bitches

When you get the heart, step live or catch stitches

Or find yourself with Del, sleepin with the fishes

I got no love for

Listen and fill in the blanks

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