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execute them - Wu-Tang Killa Beez

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Execute Them lyrics

Execute Them lyrics

[Intro: Raekwon]
(Execute them (x4))
Yeah, y'all mother fuckers know
Turn my shit up mother fucker

[Chorus: Streetlife *sample*]
Slang bang the wax, torture pack
Pump it to the max, til your heart colapse
Fully auto-raps, might lose your eye sight
Blood type, a-alike, stay bright
Gorgeous mic, I live to write the hype
I live to write the hype

[Intro cont'd in background of chorus: Raekwon, (Masta Killa)]
Word up, fuck y'all
(Niggaz better ready yourselves)
Word up, fuck the radio
1998, (word up) word up
Rippin a regal on y'all begal lookin mother fuckers

Yo, James spin off, slang dames wanna hit off
Czechoslovak lock it down, lames get off
Jury match, range rat, fist or feariac
Don po, six hundred glow, wally mack, polly like that
It's real, (execute them) diabolical
Logical strange choke hold, kill as possible
Flip a wig, blindfold, rewind the scroll
Clip full mode, clip on the glow
Blow, rock a arm fold, taurus the bull with war
Sit back, combo, timberland, cold war
Healin from my neck down, flip clowns
Buyin a loyal bitch gowns, go down, fuck them clowns
While we healin, minds, wheelin
Labs to cathedrals, celins, try a hitmen
For hire, alien flyer

Step up, throw your sword up

[Chorus x.5]

[Masta Killa]
Eh yo, witness the abduction, villain destruction, blood rushin
From a universal stand point, acknowledge shortys bustin
But they gotta cum some, before they can test my steel
I send a grandson to let him feel one, bodies not worth my gun
Peace, Sadaam, www.mastakilla.com, heavily armed
We roll through the dark, damp glitter of the forest
Four lives gone, blessin with a c-note, throw him over boats
Slit his stomach, so the body wont float
The vigillant, infinite, patient
I stand as commandin chief, mad thural
Competition's intense, vary, enter the burough

[Chorus x.5]


[Inspectah Deck]
Murder verser, twenty beam rap fiend server
Rhymes nourture minds, bustin like twin burners
Certified live, five million eyes left wide
Inside we split the grand prize
Won it by a land slide, danced by the rest
Debatin contest, but they pose no threat
Street corner warrior cause crowd disorder
And glide like rollerblades (execute them) across your recorder
Soldier of fortune, lost in the madness
Grant us your weapon or get dropped to the canvas
Pope bandit hold the bell single handed
Most demanded assassin is what I'm branded, far from your standard
Universally plantin jewels in the minds of fools left stranded
One man hit force, my shirt ripped off
Squeeze a full clip to kill a bullshit, then I dipped off

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Sample]
Execute them (x6)

Listen and fill in the blanks

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