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bronx war stories - Wu-Tang Killa Beez

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Bronx War Stories lyrics

Bronx War Stories lyrics

I'm fucked up
Most brothas don't have it like me
Like my brothas in the P, doin half a century
See God I know it's hard, black stay in ya zone
Big Just we lost touch, see you when you get home
And my man Stan just got back from doing ten
On some bullshit now his ass is back up again
Wait, Ned did 9 straight, came home, knockin cats out
Playa what's that all about?
Aiyyo, you gotta maintain killer
I wanna put you on, so you could be a tee big armed guerilla
And to my peoples in the struggle
When everyday is a hustle so nobody move a muscle
Cuz Kelly got popped from her man
Both found dead, money still had the pistol in his hand
Powerules all up in my buildin sellin crack
And kids around my way they just don't know how to act
Like my little man stole drugs, got some kids fed
At ten found him dead with a bullet to his head
Baby brother to my man Van, but life gotta go on
You still got me in the God Born
And what's his name dies from AIDS
Mom dukes outta commission for breakin both her legs
Yo, the inner city life controlled by the outer world G
Another Bronx War Story

[Chorus: 120]
Sometimes I have to search for information to find out
why was we put in these certain situations
The inner city life controlled by the outer world G
Another Bronx war story
[All] Another Bronx War Story {4X}

[Darkim Be Allah]
PC God ya held me down like a weapon
The Fam I ran was born the ghetto legend
Big Sha to set on and dead on KingPin
You and Big Just kept mad bells ringin
Cross town niggaz still frown, I hold it down
Lord, niggaz ain't with all the shit we was down for
I'm still strugglin, bubblin for paper
The urge like back in the day, to pull a caper
to take us, now I got a plan to expand
Put in short, import/export to foreign lands
Stand forever like birds of a feather
Together whatever, if niggaz flip, that's clever
The weather change but the style still remains the same
Who's to blame with the neighbourhood fame?
I knew the game since the days that I played as a shorty
Another Bronx War Story


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