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Ada lyrics - Wraith Of The Ropes lyrics

Chamber Of The Wraith lyrics

All ye who enter...
Abandon hope.
Hear the faded whispers...
Of the Wraith of the Ropes.

Death Bed lyrics

There is a light at the end of the tunnel
In my view my silhouette stands so clearly
Some holy presence that longs to embrace
Draws back it's caress when it nears me
With only darkness laid out in my path
I've resigned myself to the sensation
The flames of the liar sing hymns of despair
And I offer myself to damnation

Am I on my death bed now?
I lift my eyes towards the tower

Lake Of Decay lyrics

Blackened laughter, what we're after
Winds of change will, bring disaster
Broken limbs will, lie in ashes
Legions form from dying masses
Pain... never-ending pain...

Limbs of clay will drift away
What's insane will stay the same
Waves of pain will cure the brain
Connect our veins to the lake of decay
Life after life, reborn revived
The living die, but the dead survive

Final Reflection lyrics

I don't feel like myself anymore
I run my fingers over open sores
Self administered lethal injection
Snow white powder in my reflection
Watch it dissolve into hallucinations
I can see it all in clouded visions
I want so much to cause this pain
I want so much more to take it away
I leave a white trail of life for death to follow
Had to get high to get so low
Bury myself in sorrow

Alone lyrics

Death angel manifest
Malignant existence
Black candles flicker out
Nothing left here for me now
Sinking into deep depression
I lie awake in isolation
Inner fears are interfering
I am suffocating
Slash, lacerate
Eyes fixed on the hourglass
How slowly lonely hours pass
Everything is desolate
In senseless self imprisonment
Happiness never known
I die alone


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