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buster browns - Worthless United

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Buster Browns lyrics

Buster Browns lyrics

I'm never sorry for the things that you and I have both been through.

In the pouring rain, we'd jump in puddles just to wash out the stains,

or you and I always walking together,
somehow I always thought that it would last forever.

Now I see there's nothing better than the times I had with you.

When I first saw you, you were sitting in the mall looking so brand new

and now you're jaded by all the shit that life made us walk through.

But you still make me smile, running from the pigs,

now that was wild and I know you've got a few more miles in your soul

because you've got two.

Now at the seams is where you fell apart.

I hope to see you when we're gone,

I hope it doesn't take too long, my hopes and dreams,

my eyes can't see without you there.

And I know when it all comes down and it gets me down

and it gets to the end, we'll never stop running.

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