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Singles lyrics - Worthless United lyrics

Humpty Dumpty lyrics

Didn't wait for him to stop her, she just dropped a note on the floor.

He thinks that he's got her cornered.
He thinks he controls her life.

Another bad day on the job and he'll take it out on his wife

but when he walked through the door he saw that there was no one home.

He saw a piece of paper on the floor.

He picked it up and it read:

I see a road stretched ahead

Suburb, Somewhere lyrics

Late last night in the basement I had a dream about Hollywood.

I put my faith in a song and believed it all along
but I'm still searching for the truth.

When the truth finally hit me it was something I'd already seen.

There's nothing but disaster and I've got to get there faster

cause the ends justify the means.

Something For Everyone lyrics

Suburban skies, don't fall on us tonight.

Don't close your eyes because it might just pass you by.

We know our roots, as they're ground into the past,
our history has been claimed and framed

so I'm standing up and I'm taking it back...

The future looks bright as it streams across these eyes.

If you can't see then it's probably too late to try.

Nothing lyrics

Too old to die, too young to stay alive.

Nothing matters yet I've got my whole life to regret,

just give me time and I'll let life pass me by

and I can close my eyes to opportunity,
to responsibility, to what I don't want to see.

I'll burn my bridges if I want to.

You can't tell me what to do cause I won't listen to you,

to anyone, to anything because I know nothing.

Memorial Day lyrics

I hear you speak but I can't believe the things you say.

You praise the war machines

and then you ask us to pray for peace and for the deceased.

Bow our heads and ask them for our freedom that they died for.
And you speak of freedom like it's so honorable

to die for an ideology that prices life less than oil.

So now it's an honor to die to spread Americanism through out the world?

Kill Like You lyrics

One for nothing and two for no one

three hours of sleep on four (ha ha ha ha) five minutes to get ready,
six if I run seven minutes in heaven for eight hours in hell.

I don't want to be a seed for you to plant now.

At the mercy of those who hold the plow.

Who keeps swinging on the utters of the cash cow.

Your bean stalks decaying in the clouds now.

Instrument lyrics

How can we become responsible

when our government mediates and we no longer talk to each other?

How can we become responsible

when we accept compensation as a way to say happy?
Now, this isn't happiness, it's impersonal and cruel,

far worse than any monarchy.

How can we become responsible to control,

participate, and think about activity?

Our actions are equivalent to our freedom.

Growing Up Normal lyrics

Growing up normal is not that easy.

9 to 5 normal life, could that every please me?
Bored, me too, myworlds the same as everyone

and that's fucking lame,

but I've got this thing in me that won't let me live a normal life.

Raise three kids and find a wife

and a house with a white picket fence and die in complete contempt.

No, that's not for me.

God, The Devil, And The Worthless lyrics

I read in the paper that god was dead,

but I saw the devil laughing in the terminal.

He was leaving out of new york city,
said he's gotta get away, gotta get out of the city.

Staring at his reflection in the television,

I'm looking around for a new position,

when Jesus Christ comes up to me,

asking if I can spare some spare change to get back to New Jersey.

Buster Browns lyrics

I'm never sorry for the things that you and I have both been through.

In the pouring rain, we'd jump in puddles just to wash out the stains,

or you and I always walking together,
somehow I always thought that it would last forever.

Now I see there's nothing better than the times I had with you.

When I first saw you, you were sitting in the mall looking so brand new


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