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love - World Wide Message Tribe

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Love lyrics

Love lyrics

Forgive me Lord for the times I disgrace myself
Restore me and I will return
Your discipline is that which I have known and loved
Teach me Lord for I long to learn
O how I need your closeness
Your words are tender
Your spirit it sets me free to live
Free to move in the river of your love
Know your blessings and know the joy you give
My shepherd come and cry for me
Hold my arms as I carry my cross
To live and to die for you is my hope
In ya house I know I'll never be lost

Where love is real
And love is you
And life goes on
Round and round we go

After I strayed I repented
After I came to understand my whole heart cried
I was ashamed when I heard you call my name
When you ran to meet me with your arms wide
How my heart was rotten with the sin of my youth
Till you washed me with tears and made it known
That you longed for me O my Father
You sang a love song and made my hurts your own
What I could never comprehend
The love and the compassion you have for me
My God and my King, my Hope and my Friend

There will be blue skies
There will be blue skies all around
We will be shining
We will be shining like the sun

Listen and fill in the blanks

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