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god on my side - World Party

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God On My Side lyrics

God On My Side lyrics

Well I seen you out there parading
In the streets of your distant land
In your strange caps and clothing
Shouting "I don't understand"
But you, you look so loaded
It's something I can't feel
But I'm into some GOD action
And maybe yours is real.
'Cause I'm Falling
I need your God on my side.

Well I see you objecting so strongly
To the ways of the liberal disease
And your armchair satisfaction
As you narrow the meaning of free
And I dream of a home that is tidy
And a church full of honey bees
And I wonder about the suppression
That you get when you're down on your knees.
And I'm Falling.
I need your God on my side.

Well I see you thought we could change the world
If we gather round and pray
But it's just like sending one letter
To more than just one place
But "Dear God can you help us"
Must be the opening phrase
'Cause we're falling
Need your God on my side.
One I can call my own.
I need my God on your side
Make a happy home.
We need their God on our side
In search of him I will roam
Need our God on our side
Mine got up and left home
You need our God on your side.

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