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Singles lyrics - World Party lyrics

Love Street lyrics

Have you ever been to love street?
Have you tried on all the shoes?
They're for walking on the clouds with
Ad not for down here in the blues.
Y'know dreams come true on Love Street too.
Smile, you're in the place.

I was walking with the lonely
Bfore you came into my heart.
Showed me round your Love Street
Took me naked from the dark.

Well you're touching my soul
Don't let me go.

Ain't Gonna Come Till I'm Ready lyrics

And you thought I was just holding on
To the past.
Believed these eyes could never see ah ahah
In your face.
There are things I don't need.
You take slaves when you make us free.
When you make us free your way.

And I ain't gonna come til I'm ready.

I can see what you're all about.
You make us keep it in
When we should let it out.
I'll get even some day ah ahah.

And I Fell Back Alone lyrics

If we walk through each other
As we leave the room,
You don't have to tell me that it's over.
Whoever you were then,
I never really knew.
And you got no need to know me now.

You can't see the bottom from the top.
You don't see the edge before you drop.
And I fell back alone.
And I fell back alone.
And I fell.

Is love trying all the right moves
To stop the walls from coming up.

Is It Too Late lyrics

Talk about biting the hand that feeds
Sitting there watching as it bleeds
Try your best in the winter light
When it really should be summer night

Is it too late, baby?
Too late now
Too late, baby?
Too late now
Too late for you to realize
Everything could have been alright?

Has it been too long? yeh
Is it too long now
Is it too long for you to make the change

Put The Message In The Box lyrics

And if you listen now
You might here
A new sound coming in
As an old one disappears.
See the world in just one grain of sand.
You better take a closer look.
Don't let it slip right thru your hand.
Won't you please hear the call.
The World says.

Put the message in the box.
Put the box into the car.
Drive the car around the world
Until you get heard.

Now is the moment,

Take It Up lyrics

I got an extra glimpse of the truth today
Staring at my breakfast
When I thought I heard it say
Fighting is no good
Success an empty lie.
The treasure hunt is lonely
Until you realize.

We came to take it up
We came to take it up
We came to take it up
We came to raise it up
Came to take it up
Came to move it up.

I promise you miss, I will do my best today

When The Rainbow Comes lyrics

C'mon pack your bags
Clear the floor.
Let's step out through the open door.
Leave a note that says goodbye.

Build a new house
Down by the sea.
Get to the place we were meant to be.
You'll know it when you smile.

Up at the window.
Search in the sky.
Looking for the rainbow,
And don't ask my.
I wanna see the rainbow come.

We'll be leaving on all sides, hmmm!

Thank You World lyrics

Colours, scents and symphony
Fall on me like tears.
And time around me stretches back
And forth across the years.
Was I sent to see your beauty
Just to please my aching heart.
Well I want to say good morning
But I don't know where to start.
Thank you World.

Thank you World

Well I'm lying in the dew
And I'm staring at the stars.
Yeah, he laid me down this blanket,

God On My Side lyrics

Well I seen you out there parading
In the streets of your distant land
In your strange caps and clothing
Shouting "I don't understand"
But you, you look so loaded
It's something I can't feel
But I'm into some GOD action
And maybe yours is real.
'Cause I'm Falling
I need your God on my side.

Well I see you objecting so strongly
To the ways of the liberal disease

Show Me To The Top lyrics

Baby you're cute in your little black hat
You had a dream but it won't come back
It's waving to you from the top of your hill.
For twenty years man it's living there still
But you been a liar
You been a flop
And now you just want to get to the top
Where is this top baby, where's this top you mean
I've got the feeling it's something obscene.

Show me to the top

Way Down Now lyrics

Inside my TV eye
Never stopped to wonder why I'm
Way down now.
I'm way down now.

Some faceless get on the screen,
The most honest man I've ever seen.
I'm way down now.
I'm way down now.

Won't you show me something true today.
C'mon and show me anything but this.

She took us by the hand.
Hell was the promised land I'm
Way down now.
I'm way down now.

I'm lying by the road

Hawaiian Island World lyrics

F/ Sinead O'Connor

I heard about the trouble they had

down on the farm

they say they lost all the white horses

and half of the corn

the woman of the house

she came screaming into town

we said sister why go crying

when you can watch it all burn down

and sit here dreaming

of our hawaiian island world?

the preacher said his church has been empty

two sundays in a row

Sweet Soul Dream lyrics

F/ Sinead O'Connor

I'd give you all my money

abandon that beautiful girl

take my books

my choicest looks

and burn them all today

I've got rare '61 Beatles

I've got a film of my dreams

but I'd lose them all

burn em all

go along without all of it

give up the chances I see

if you'd take me up

raise me up

let me know the heart of it

give me your sweet soul dream


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