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Singles lyrics - World On Edge lyrics

Words Touch The Sound lyrics

Ony by one we fall to the ground
We turn our heads and start from
Where we were found, on our knees
Hold your head from movin' around
Your eyes are fixed on something
That you have found, it's not for me
Any if you say wash the rain
Do you mean was the pain from me
My eyes are tearin', my mouth is dry
A look of desperation lives in my eyes
Let me be

Wash The Rain lyrics

I can't believe a single word
Why can't all these spoken dreams come true
I can't believe you hesitate
Do you remember, what happens
when you break my heart
Still beating that's what I would say
Although it seems to be another rainy day
Still beating and that's how it should be
You know it's hard to breathe
When life's crushing down on me

Still Beating lyrics

Hello lovely lady
Can I see you smile,
Catch it from the corner
Of my wandering eye.
Move a little closer,
Until you touch my sin,
You can be forgiven.
Of a story, laced within.
I know one day, oh now, you'll come in.
I know one night, you'll disappear.
What can I do, what can I say.
It's standing, push and fall
Oh that's all it is

Standing Push And Fall lyrics

I'm just sitting here
I'm staring out to you
Are you looking in
Are you wondering too
Who is walking out
Who lends a helping hand
Oh come on, baby
Why can't you understand
That everything I do
I do for you
And everything I say
I say to you
My heart is aching
So look what you've done
Hey girl, you know it's true
Ooooh...Only the lonely

Only The Lonely lyrics

I will swear to never tease you
Oh no, when you play with me
Make me shiver, like a flower
Oh lord, do you feel for me
All day all night, love like candy
All day all night, this boy wants more
All day all night, love like candy
All day all night, one bite more
I'm addicted to you, baby
Oh no, I hunger for you
Do you need a piece of my love

Love Like Candy lyrics

Take me to your playhouse, baby
Please, please, for a little while
I fall to fever when I'm by your side
You send me chills cold sweat desire
I'd really like to touch you
Free emotions while we close our eyes
This dirty habit is so hard to fight
We dance so close, our bodies tight
I'm so trapped in the dark
With a little lack of love
You are what I long for

Little Lack Of Love lyrics

Well the day was so long
There's no way to win
I know that when I get home
It'll start up again
I come home ready to drop, but she doesn't care
She keeps on talkin'
I can't get no sleep
She keeps on talkin'
On and on and on and on and on
She keeps on talkin'
Oh, at such a speed
She keeps on talkin'
And I wonder how she breathes

Keep On Talking lyrics

I'm holding the wings
Of the people so dear
I'm amazed that they call me
With drops of their tears
The days that were lovely
I remember so clear
I hear memories they call me
Of people so near
Like a heart to an arrow
Like a cry in the night
I hear memories call me tonight
Goodbye, please don't cry
Oh no, I know that if we try
We'll meet in the end

Goodbye lyrics

Last night I hurt you
I said some things for which I'm only to blame
I wish that you never heard me
I don't know why I always bite the hand
that feeds me
Love hurts and you know it, baby
It's like a wound that gets deeper every day
I know I can't change it
That's why the lonely people just throw it all away
I know one day when time comes around

Burning Bridges lyrics

Laugh when he jokes, slap him when he chokes.
It's time to give up the smokes.
And ohh when he cries don't wipe his eyes,
take the wine from the swine,
and remind him of his crimes.
Ohh in another world............
yeah he could wear a dress.
Imagine his suprise when he opened his eyes,
and I'd run the lawnmower over his thighs.
Imagine the disturbance,
at the time of the occurance,


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