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Deimos XIII lyrics - Woods Of Belial lyrics

The 13th Horror lyrics

Unleash your demons, let us begin
The horrid dance of the buried.
Come join us, carve your epitaph with nails.
Then awake to fear of not awaking again.
Face yourself. Face your nightmares
And only the walls echo your empty screams.
Hell is behind, below, ahead and above you.
No use to reach for light. You'll find only your shadow.

Drown into the open wounds of infinity,

Desolate lyrics

Thrown into this world so bleak,
Caged in an inferno of emptiness.
Just waiting here to end all time.
And only time brings relief from the torture.
Dead, deserted. Sand veils the earth.
This shivering silence awakes the perpetual dreads
From their slumber. None will understand.
The doors to all eternity have been locked.

Worm Of Na'ruq lyrics


Pervertum Ii lyrics


Halla lyrics

The bleeding heart of a redeemer
Lies on the withered ground.
His soul couldn't escape the frozen corpse
But is doomed to live forever dead.
Halla, we greet thee with contempt!
Halla, we spit on your earthly grave!
No one became no one
And now forever dead.

Behold those searing deserts
Swept over by the coldest wind.
Guide your sight into the rivers
Where all water now runs red.


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