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The Window Purpose lyrics - Wolverine lyrics

Towards Loss lyrics

Inside out, upside downâ
Reality is killing me
Itâs all a blur and itâs moving fast
Doing 95, still I end up last
No time to stop or even slow down
Expectations are far too high
My machinery got to keep spinning around
(âRound and around)

Wonât you listen to me once, only once
There is no way for me to be everywhere

The Storm Inside lyrics

Iâve opened up my scars, Iâve released my past life
Iâve surrendered to a rain that speaks of a coming storm
Looking back, did I ever know how to look at life and how to appreciate it?
Guess I was lost in a time of taking things for granted and not looking around
I was lost in myself, oh, so lost in myselfâ

Post Life lyrics

My life is born in pain
Pain weaves fragile threads into dreams,
Skies that are annihilated by
The infinity of the galaxy

Infinity, manâs unsolved riddle in eternity
But the fairytale of our life
That became reality
Will never be destroyed

Our hands tied together
For a harsh life
When we met on a cold winterâs night
Where only stars witnessed our happiness

My Room lyrics

Welcome here, Iâm your guide
Through this life that once was mine
Walk with me nowâ understand
What you see here is nothing and all

Look around and see my paintings
Be sure to take your time
In my room, my life

Youâve stepped inside so now come and learn
That in this room, what you learn is what you earn
There are no answers offered except: âYourselfâ

Leaving Yesterday lyrics

The truth in your eyes promised me
A life far away from yesterday
In you I see the futureâ
In our special place we will build our own dream

Youâre the moon in my deep blue sky
Through the darkest of nights
Your light spreads across my land
On my fields weâll stand hand in hand

Oh, so we are both night and day
Weâll watch the winter snow unite with the summer rain

His Cold Touch lyrics

I. Within these walls

Aloneâ afraidâ
In the dark of the corner he will try to hide his shameâ
Where it shows to no one
Nothing wrong in being scared, it will all fall into place
According to his dad
âBut son, you just canât tell anyoneââ

And there, deep in the night
He gets to kiss the floor once again
And though he fears his fatherâs eyes

Coma lyrics

Machines that make me breathe, I just canât stand their terrible scream
Iâm stumbling through smoke-filled rooms
With only darkness ahead, I wish I was dead
Drowned in a distance, Iâm so safe and sound
Damn well protected from all those around
Seeking the life that was taken from me
Still all I see is a man on his kneesâ


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