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Still lyrics - Wolverine lyrics

Taste Of Sand] lyrics

I'll be here, waiting for the hours to pass
Watching the days I crave slip through my hands
Caught in here, licked in while my foes raise the glass
Smiling as my empty glass fills up with sand
Wait... don't run from me...
Wait... show yourself to me...
All I am slowly dies within this cold cell
Guilty of a crime made up, the jury was me
Help... you fade from me...

Bleeding lyrics

The beast inside you feeds on your insecurity
It thrives on remnants of the fear from behind all alone
You are lost in his dungeon, you stumble and bleed
The smell of blood upon the wakes his need to feed
I'm waiting for the other side while you hide
I'll try to stay here for a while if you like
A single-scented breeze is from where he draws his breath

Liar On The Mount lyrics

Through all these years the truth has been a stranger to me
We met many times but never got to know each other
I was used and fed with lies by who I thought were you
I left my way of life to be all you said were true
Now all this sadness washes over me and I feel like I'm drowning
I tried to call for help but the only thing I could feel was misery...

A House Of Plague lyrics

A time, a hope, a place, a love, a start, a work
A mold, a change, a move, a pin, a fight
A loss, a turn, a light, a birth, an end...
Walked into a house of plague
The infection everywhere
At first disguised by hollow warmth
Then unleashed upon us

Save us all your prayers
Save us all your smiles
Save us all your words and hand to us the truth...

And She Slowly Dies lyrics

Worn out eyes revealing an old and tired mind
Battered through years and years of merciless abuse
Facing this assault of ours is tearing me apart
Watching the soil of her slowly turn to dust
I hear her cries... screams of torment heard by none
I watch her die... signs of death are all around...
Everything we dared to hope is lost and so are we

This Cold Heart Of Mine lyrics

It all just slipped away although
I tried so hard to hold on
And all those times we failed echo through this loss of mine
I find it kind of strange that though I've been through this before
The pain is just as great when alone with a just a bleeding heart
Bleeding the blood of the life we shared
Leaving me here with a cold, black stare
This cold heart of mine, once a trusted shrine

Hiding lyrics

All the things we do when no one is watching
All the things we say when no one listens
In times of solitude we find ourselves...
I think it's funny, I think it's kind of sad that we lose control
The way that people always seem to fall when they say "hello"
Until "goodbye" ends the lie
All the things we feel with people beside us
All the thoughts we think when someone listens

Sleepy Town lyrics

This insecure state... a constant struggle
There's someone inside you staring back at me
Is it this sleepy town, or is it just me?
Is it just me?
Is it just me?
I'm choking myself inside these walls
A never-ending road as never-ending as me
Is it these concrete walls, or is it just me?
Is it this sleepy town, or is it just me?
Is it just me?
Is it just me?
Is it just me?

Nothing More lyrics

How come I don' know where to go?
It seems all I've ever knows is gone
My dream has finally ended
After this there's nothing more for me
All my life I've been waiting but now there's nothing more to wish for
I spent all my years just longing for this one final dream to come true
Opportunities turned to chains of need
Now it seems I've finally lost my wish for more


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