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Cold Light Of Monday lyrics - Wolverine lyrics

Red Canvas lyrics


New Best Friends lyrics

Just when she thought that things couldn't get much worse
Just when she thought that things would get better
It all returns with reinforcements from home

Now, driven away by her flesh and blood
All that is left is a growing distrust
Wrapped in despair and raped emotion...
She cries to Him...

"Why won't you save me? Why won't you help me?

Pantomime lyrics

There he stands, among the rest but still far above
Speaking to her with words unknown, reaching deep within
Lead astray by those who judge they finally find what they seek
Dancing through the life they thought they would never find

"Please be careful when you touch
You see, I've never been on this trip before"

"I'll show you a place you didn't think existed

Sarah lyrics

Sweet little Sarah, dressed in innocence
Trying hard to hide the tears running down her face
Sweet little Sarah, all scared inside
In the middle of a nightmare, wide awake...
Though a long time ago, the memories are all so vivid...

The girl they all knew is fading away
She's turning black inside
Victim of indifference and betrayal
A mere shadow of her past

The Final Redemption lyrics

Now that I've lost you and failed in every way,
And I've given the last of faith to chance
It tears my soul to face my failure
And to know what it finally ended in...

Here I am, lost but so much wiser than I ever was before
Through the pain of the price I paid to open my eyes
I am reminded to keep myself chained to the wall of life

Losing you was to be my final redemption...

Tied With Sin lyrics

"Finally I've paid the price I always knew I'd had to pay
And with all these visions of my past surrounding me
It's no question why
I never dared to ask myself why I should let them feed on me
I chose the easy way of hiding deep inside and flee"

"This aching pain inside of me is something I must learn to live
No confessions will undo my sins; I destroyed my life and the one within

Trust lyrics

"How I've longed for this... for my loneliness to die
There's no need to be afraid the enemy has been slain today"

"All this trust I found keeps me hanging on to life
There's a place I never saw hidden deep inside myself"

There's so much more to this than what she knows
She fails to see the truth through served
The blind led by a blind into despair
Despair dressed in a vow of joy...

Dusk lyrics

Upon a cold floor in a filthy room
In a river of blood she cries...

Dawn lyrics

Upon a cold floor in a filthy room
In a river of blood she cries... she cries

And artwork of pain
And the brushstrokes are red

Fighting the emptiness
That is slowly consuming her soul

Fighting for her consciousness...
Looking for the answers...

Trying to remember...
Finding the beginning...

Carousel lyrics

"Oh what a ride... I can't believe it...
Felt so free... inside...
A new beginning? Dare I believe it?
My friends advise me to step inside..."

She's trapped inside a carousel
That will spin her 'round and force her right towards the end
She's in for the ride of her lifetime
Sadly nothing could ever make her turn while there's still time

(Headed for the sky, never asking why)


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