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Popkiller lyrics - Wolfsheim lyrics

For You I'm Bleeding lyrics

I think of you like I often do
When I hear the rain on my windowpane
Gently tapping at the glass
Like your gently touching fingers
Just looking for the smile I give to you

You can feel what no one feels
You can hear what no one hears
Just looking for the smile I give to you
You can feel what no one feels
You can hear what no one wants to hear

Tender Days lyrics

Prowling streets at night
The moonlight's burning
and I'm feelin' so lonely

Dark and dull my mind
A crying emtiness
I cannnot cope with

I'm yours
You're mine
Our love eternal

One day
you left
my heart in silence

All the merry dreams we lose
We will never know the truth
No shade of doubt, no need for prove
you're my queen and I'm your fool
Remember tender days of youth

Lovesong lyrics

Wait my dear ... no jealousies
Silly thing ... you can't know how I feel

Come take my hand I will show you the flame
Burning secrets, burning wishes ... your name

Don't be insecure, don't be afraid ... I'll hold you tight
Oh, virgin weakness, infinite sweetness ... that's you so let's dance
all alone

I want to kiss you, want to feel you deep
Your silky skin, a tender touch,

Kaufraush lyrics

Fear that threatens you inside
You can run but you can't hide
Things you've never seen before
And more ... and more ... and more ...

Strange ideas you have been taught
And false prophets got you caught
No way out ... this cage is made of thoughts
Get more and more
Work your fingers to the bone
For all the useless things you own
Happiness can not be bought

Entropy lyrics

A melting star run through my fingers
Blood red furrows on the sea
Was it wind that never lingers
or, was it you who never came

Standing on the store
A distant call
Golden waves appear
and take me home

Cover me, oh noonday sun
So my heart could carry on
A morning new is soon to come
Serenity has yet begun

I am sick for I'm a sinner
All I attempt is in vain

Now I Fall lyrics

Sometimes I can't fall asleep
You lie beside me and I weep
Dancing shadows on the wall
Once you caught me ... now I fall

Sometimes I feel love and trust
Turn to anger and disgust
Crawling darkness in between
No light in reach ... no silver sheen
Sometimes I feel so ashamed
To be mercilessly framed
Idle hands and eyes that stare
But no escape that I would dare

Childhood Cruel lyrics

Smoking your first cigarette
Coughing and getting sick
Making an experience
Childhood cruel

Wicked father's touch so new
Love it seemed became untrue
Wounded little silly heart
Childhood cruel

Riding a blue bicycle
Didn't see the nearing car
Seven days in hospital
Childhood cruel

Lazy daddy unemployed
Drunken tyrant killing time
Painful laurel is your gain
Childhood cruel

Gates lyrics

Alone ... but you're feeling allright
It's a lie, you're feeling good because strange men want you to
Easy way to run away from yourself
It's a lie, no-one gets out of here alive

And everyone feels happy
Everyone feels great
today ... walking through these gates
Wake up my dear ... it's killing day

Betrayed and kissed goodbye
Live your life, don't think about the reasons for it all

Faith lyrics

i won't care
if i must leave today
this world was mine
moments blue
and moments true
with you

eternity is not what i am longing for
i will walk my way ... aimlessly

Auf Ein Wort lyrics

da ist kein mensch der nie verdirbt

da ist kein strom der nie versiegt

und dunkelheit lÃÃt licht am horizont zersplittern

fÃhle ich den wind in meinen hÃnden

versinkt die nacht in meinem haar

und bitterkeit lÃÃt den fernen erdengrund in mir erzittern

dein scheuer blick treibt mein blut

in wilder flucht durch mein herz


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