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Wizards lyrics - Wizards lyrics

Wizards lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos, Waisberg & Stulman]

I can't remember how many times I've
Looked to the sky
My pangs of death return stronger
And I need to scream it out
What's the best solution?
What am I gonna do?
Triumph is next to me I can
Lose the real chance
To show my endless power for
Everyone who won't believe in me
I have a mission that's gonna alter the

Freedom lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos & Pedroso]

There's only one way for you, man
Fly in the night
To be free as a feather in the wind
The wind can blow to the sea
There I'll land
Then sail by the wind
Go through the night to be loved
I can give the stars to you
I'll save you there
Across the clouds, there's
A shadow in the wind
Dazzling flight of mine
With no return

Some Friends lyrics

[Music by Passos]


Arabian Caravan lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos & Pedroso]

Living to fight for gold
Running through unknown sands to
Reach the bright soul
Breaking rules and walks,
Warring for pleasure
Trusting on the stars
Ride the wind away, war time
Comes and vanishes just
Like dust storms, see footsteps
Blown out from the sand
Ride, the desert can reap you tonight
This is the time to hunt for gold

Rock'n Roll Forever lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos & Pedroso]

You can live without love
You can live without fate
You can rise and fall
You can grow old
Life is short, not always sweet
You must work, sometimes bleed
But in the end you can find
The reason of your life
On your knees you will
Pray for your soul's sake
On, on your knees you
Will pray to your own God
Rock and roll forever

No More lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos & Pedroso]

No more, explosions by the Jewish doors
No more, fear in the air
No more, anguish in the heart of the earth
No more, hungry mouth crying for feed
No more, fighting for your meal
No more, anguish in the heart of the earth
Can't live like this, no more
In this terrible way, who can show us a light
Show me why, come on, oh, Lord!

Distant Voice lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos & Pedroso]

A song came from nowhere
I don't know why lies inside my head
Talking about love
A distant voice saying you
Must wait for him
To look inside his pure love
And see how he cares ...
Love me crazy
You gotta leave it all behind you
Forget your sorrows
You gotta leave it all behind you
Like a poem that believes
In a dream come true

New Life lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos & Xavier]

Just take a look around the
World and what do you see
Death surrounds our lives
And we always have to fight
Fight for a new life
Fight for survival
Every place you walk,
You walk alone
In a place of death your
Body turns into bone
You couldn't think,
You couldn't walk,
You couldn't talk
Say your pray and save
Your life for you

Guardians Of Their Own Souls lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos]

Here is the magic mirror
I can't believe it's happening now
Here is the reason of my life
I'm working on being mad
And as these days go by
A cold fever reaches
My soul no, no, no ...
See the losers winning
Now they're not afraid anymore
Hope was always in
Their hearts to be
Guardians of their own souls
Trying to keep alive fighting to be ...

Magic Moon lyrics

[Music By Passos]



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