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the kingdom - Wizards

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The Kingdom lyrics

The Kingdom lyrics

Epic golden deeds

The blood of warriors now is feeding the dry seeds

A hundred thousand bodies

Rest and rot in peace
Too many battles had been lost but not this one

The army is about to be crowned, to be remembered

Distant foreign land

From where the soldiers came to step onto our sand

The golden coins were bright and

Fed their starving eyes

Now the clay fortress is about to kneel and die

The foretold kingdom has arrived though many souls died...

Dividing, uniting

Conquering, taming and ruling

Gathered in a feast

The raging anger was well hidden in the mist

For many centuries we'd

Known the secret rhymes

To sing together when the moment showed the signs

We fought the battle brave and wise

Defeating evil lies....

Dividing, uniting

Conquering, taming and ruling

Dividing, gotta fight, got the right, got the might

Uniting, conquer the clay fortress by the night

Taming and ruling, yeah!

The secret rhymes, the showing signs, so brave and wise

Threatening lies forever doomed

Tales of epic golden deeds, yeah

The threatening lies are doomed,

Now that the kingdom's arrived

Taming and ruling

Listen and fill in the blanks

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