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Beyond The Sight lyrics - Wizards lyrics

Memories Of Avalon lyrics

[Music and Lyrics by Dalla]

Older was the way I couldnt recall
Stilled I keep forgetting all but the fall
Lacking of a time when silence was free
And all was meant to be
Blown against the wind my words were in vain
Faded like a rainbow build in the rain
And wordless I flirt with the wind
For memories I need another day of cloudy gray
I grab all ages gone with the wind

Nest Of Words lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Dalla]

Theres a rumor rid of sound
Waiting elsewhere to be found
The day words find out its saying
- I wander, cant find at all
Theres a dream of color gray
Where the pallets gone astray
The night rhymes find out their saying
- I slumber, no rhyme to call
Theres a place beyond fear
Where day light and dark night are near
Theres a question to be asked

Killing Blues lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Dalla]

By the open door, saw you walking off
As the morning broke I was alone
Not a single note, not a last good lie
Just another hope waving good-bye
Broken hearts playing lonely parts
What am I supposed to hang on to?
How could I pretend to be all right?
Closed eyes to so many fights
Never thought that it could get this far

Flight lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Kipersmit]

Lets fly all around
Get an overall view
Look down on the street
Its so grey and rather cold
I dont want to hear the cry
Keep the light for us alive
I dont want to be vanished
See our enemy
Running aimlessly
Feel him going nuts
Can you, dare you guess the end
I dont want to hear the cry
Keep the light for us alive
Let us try to think higher

I Don't Give A Damn lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos & Dalla]

You need to be the winner
Is what I always have been told
It's been a long hard road
And so the race is over (now)
I didn't win the cup of gold
They never taught me so
And won't they ever realize
That it don't matter if I'm first
Or if I'm last in the line
It's not a game of right or wrong
A game of peace, a game of war
But I got to say:

Shadows And Light lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Dalla]

Meadows undercovered by the thinnest ice
Frozen are my blinking eyes
Wounding ways throughout the thin ice
Days ago the day ahead were but a lack
Underestimated fact
Now beliefs do hang on my back
Searching through the Lorien to find a spell
Mothermeant Galadriel
Gave away her golden leaf belt
Ashes of an elven lost nobility
Puzzled faked memory

The Play lyrics

[Music and lyrics by Dalla]

Lost in the silent charade
Time is the lifeblood of fate
Calmly behind a stone face, I'm bleeding
So it's the end of the play
Packing and leaving no trace
Slamming the door of my face, I'm freezing
As all the lights fade away, I call it home
So many fighters I've played, now they're all gone
Tearing away through my heart, shadows become

Shine lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Kipersmit]

Living with no boundaries
In a dream
Walking round the memories
Reaching for the never seen
Dreaming on
Getting used to get(ting) along
Leaving from here
Getting to know you
Carrying the light all through the night
Over and over we watch the way open
For well never lose
All the shine in our eyes

Crack lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Kipersmit]

Living on a lie
Living on a lie
Getting back to you
I can never cry
This could be a lie
Turning back to you
Or a friend of mine
Trying to forget
All the past regret
Things that I can see
But I never have
Lingering raving
Causing to move
Back to the scene
What if its a lie
Should I fool myself
Or pretend to die
Stalking like a spy

Thunderbolt lyrics

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Dalla]

Clash of the tempest
And I heard the sound loudly crying:

Gather, Im the failure redeem
And the secret within
Ill be fleeting for Im everlasting
Im the shame of the proud
Im the symptom and the cure of all

Im the morming light slaved in each sunrise
And the hidden counting time bomb in your soul

W. lyrics

[Music By Wizards]



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