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dance of flames - Witticism

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Dance Of Flames lyrics

Dance Of Flames lyrics

See fullmoon rise from the seven seas,
shines in gloom back from the steel.
The tears IÂve shed ran bitter and wild,
thy pale lips drew a last little smile.

I embrace the cold and weary night, wander lost on narrow paths.
I mourn thy loss, up on thy wings of sorrow.

Grant me â a last dance on the seas â in morrows light
dance the flames â so veil of dawn will take thy ship of sorrow!

Like oncoming storm,
attackers came with sword and bow!
Inglorious our blood got spilled,
soiled the holy ground.
Halfdead men fought
this unholy war,
no glory not to win,
to freedom weÂve sworn our oath.

All IÂve known will wither away and sink into the sea,
no one will know about the loss thatÂs been my share!
Proud songs ring loud and tell of wars weÂve won,
where the ones who gave their lifes forever will live on.

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