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in the garden - Without Face

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In The Garden lyrics

In The Garden lyrics

Long ago died silent lips

Ghosts of lovely words, tears

of a never-ending hollow-life

Jewels of the deadly Nights

Memories have been lost in time

Like my fate, my soul-the faithless mind

Fever-grows in empty veins

And just the Garden that awaits...

...With my ancient life, unknown crimes

Deadly instinct never lies

Hunts me to kill, suffer my sin

Forever and always...in a dreamless dream

Over the Garden there is life waiting

Over the walls there is blood pulsing there us blood pulsing

Over the Gates life and death's waiting

Over the walls my hunger sating

Laughing-breaks my heaven's silence

Young blood haunts my aching mind

To rape my garden's (secret) clarity

But I cannot stop this growing pain

Oh, in my garden, there's life-waiting

Inside these walls, there is blood-pulsing

Inside the gates, life and death's waiting

Inside these walls my hunger sating...

Thrill waits to be blazed, flames up

Life's immense current stops

The fate of you-I make it your face

Your love, your hate, your blood, your fate,

Your heart, your dreams

Your mind...are mine...

...oh...What I did...where I killed...

Hands...living in chains...

the morning comes...and I burn

Listen and fill in the blanks

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