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Astronomicon lyrics - Without Face lyrics

Weird Places lyrics

The Night surrounds and closes inside...

The woods' silence cries in my mind

And a little light appears on the long dark road...

Black trees around-standing like heroes

Old witnesses of untold thoughts

As a giant shadow grows before my eyes

A castle (?) never seen, a weird place of vile dreams

Calling inside with magic light

As it welcomes with shadows-dancing around

The Violin Of Erich Zann lyrics

I remember the Night

That sight's still inside

On old men's streets

Ghosts of never beens

Voices of the Violin

Cried for many Nights

Flames of the mind

Hunted evil kinds


The Violin cried out to the night

Silent screaming-by strings' blood

Nowhere I found, nowhere found me

The darkness of Gods

Embrace the crying of voices

He sat in the dark

Talamasca lyrics

[XXV. The origin of the Mayfair Witches]

[By the letters of Petyr Van A., 1638]

From that crazy night
I never forget my love

Before he pile of logs,

She stood like unconscious ghost

A last scream from the stake

Her mother was burnt, she heard

The crowd...

I took her far away, over the seas,

Far from the fears I thought

But the demon followed

Pit And Pendulum lyrics

In the darkness of Time, in the name of God

Truth dies in the dying shout,

Crying kisses or killer's hands

And the glory grows on glorious heads...

This is the truth of their God;
This is the death of my belief

From the glorious mouth deadly words come out:

They want me to die

I awake but light has disappeared...

Maybe it's died like me in this dark hell

Daimonion lyrics

My mind's remains come to life again

While ny sould awakes from my sence's Night
But at once another dark's spreading around...

To feel if I were a dead...in Hell...

Cold and wet floor under my soles

And black walls're crying ever pain

If the Black walls cry...or is it the


Angels' chorus or Demons' shout??...

In The Garden lyrics

Long ago died silent lips

Ghosts of lovely words, tears

of a never-ending hollow-life

Jewels of the deadly Nights

Memories have been lost in time

Like my fate, my soul-the faithless mind

Fever-grows in empty veins

And just the Garden that awaits...

...With my ancient life, unknown crimes

Deadly instinct never lies

Hunts me to kill, suffer my sin


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