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Singles lyrics - Within A Dream lyrics

The World Is Yours lyrics

Hold onto memories
Grip tight on decisions
Never let a day pass and not make the most of it
Live to the fullest
Have no regrets
Don't tell me what I can do
I'm gonna do what I feel is best
Don't tell me what I can do
Another day, another experience
Don't tell me what I can do
This is my life I'll pass my own test
Don't tell me what I can do
It's in my hands I'll make my own path

The Only One lyrics

I gave my heart to you
And you ripped it to a million pieces
All I ever wanted was the best for you
And now I see I was right
You never cared about our first times
All you did was use me until the end
Don't bother to look at me
Cause you wont see any tears
I no longer will break myself and continue to care
Tell me, do you think it was worth it?
To turn your back on me

Take This Away lyrics

I miss the good times and memories we shared
What was only a short time changed me forever
Maybe things change cause I hate inside
The sight of your face brings me this pain
Those we care about will hurt us the most
Those we love will tear us apart
Just another day in a long line of dissapointments
Just another pit of depression to escape
As I push I feel weighted down

So Long lyrics

So many so many sad nights i feel life is not worth living.
then i see i see you stuggle on but kept moving.
so much lost so little left torn from you again and again
everything you cared about now causes pain.
this life so unclear
this pain alone we bear
everything that you have
can be stolen from your grasp
hear me scream these words
expressions of a dead heart

Last Goodbye lyrics

I tried my best for you
The love I felt I couldn't prove
Kill me
Hate me
Love me
Feel me
Watch me die before you eyes
Look into this face you've come to despise
Our bonds have gone cold
Feel my pain through this action
Every night I dream a million deaths
Now I realize this is the worste yet
Put a gun to my head for the 4th time today
Looking for an answer to take the pain away

I Have Dreams lyrics

I wont follow
I'll be myself
I'll make my own path
I have dreams
Look around so damn complicant
Never trying to escape
Swallowing everything, Never questioning
How can you stand living this way?
Always put me down for taking my path
I'm taking chances you never had
You moved on and now you focing me
Never, I wont go quietly
Live your lies, waste your time


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