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No Holding Back lyrics - Wayne Wonder lyrics

Bounce Along lyrics

(bounce bounce) Wayne Wonder
(bounce bounce) T Tim S
(bounce bounce) MG
(bounce bounce) So Low

(bounce bounce, bounce along *keep repeatin throughout this part*)
baby (baby) ahhhhh (ahhhhh)
yeah yeah

beautiful girl and thats for sure
wish she may love me i'd pre-gress more
she gave me even on the wooden floor
say she want a man like me in her life
no problemin see me bounce so right

Close Your Eyes lyrics

Sometimes it's stressful, but I gotta end all the pain

Gotta Gotta Get Get Get Away
Wooo Wooo
Gotta Get Get Get Get Get Get Get Get Get Away

Close your eyes (your eyes)
Spread your wings and fly
Baby you and I
Elevate in mind (your mind)
Way up to the sky

Baby you and I
Let's get away
On the wings on love
Let's fly away
Like a pair of botteld doves (*2)

They keep watching
Every move I make

Crazy Feeling Ft. Elephant Man lyrics

Chorus: Wayne Wonder & (Elephant Man)
I gotta crazy feeling inside (Fi di gal dem)
I know you want me so come on and get me (True now)
Baby come into my life (Fi di gal dem)
I'll take you back on the force of light (Do it Wayne dance)
Crazy feeling inside (Fi di gal dem)
I know you want me so come on and get me (Shizzle, shizzle)
Baby come into my life
I'll take you back on the force of light

Enemies Ft. Supriz lyrics

Hood, aaaa, yeah, yeah, comon' aaa aaa mm
My enimies, me an lucky cona laket cona baket cona luket enimies
You wont get away from the ride that comes with electricity.
I got ya where i want ya, no my fingers on the triggers and about to sneeze
begging me oh please.

pushing shuving braking bones, try to take my home

Friend Like Me lyrics

Pinky promise

(Don't worry baby)
Its gonna be alright (5x)

Many late nights when shes all alone
She always calls me up on the phone
Begging me to come and spend the night
Because she wants to rub me in her honeycomb

What she needs is just a friend.like me
What she needs is just a good friend .like me
What she needs is just a friend.like me
What she needs is just a good friend .like me

My Kinda Lady lyrics

Soowidodidodiiii yeay yeah,
la la la di,la la la di
Soowidodidodiii sheah yeah baby,

The looks in your eyes,
Comes as no surprise
The passion you have
For your baby
Makes me realize
You wont compromise
The things in your life
to look shady

There comes a time in life
that you must be
Who you must be (YEAH)
And by your vines
I find
There still a few with good qualities (yeah)

No Letting Go lyrics

Wayney Wonder baby, Wayney Wonder baby
(Sing it with me) Woah woah woaaaaah (woah woah woaaaaah)
Wayney Wonder baby

[Verse 1]
Got somebody she's a beauty
Very special really and truly
Take good care of me like its her duty
Want you right by my side night and day

No lettin go no holdin back
Because you are my lady
When I'm with you its all of that

Perfect Proposal lyrics

This is for my baby...

Will you marry me
By your side I'll be (pretty lady)
Will you marry me (will you)
By your side I'll be...

I take this time to be a host to my baby...
I take this time to make a toast to my baby...
I take this time to just propose to my lady...
Will you marry me?

Your truly the best, a bless, the greatest girl I know...

The Mood Is Right lyrics

1, 2, 3
Wayne Wonder Baby
Soooooo Ohhhhhh
Same Song Left SiDe
Lets Go for the ladies
Sooo Ohhh

The mood is right (so right so right)
so lets get it on tonight
im gonna take my time (take my time girl)
so baby give me what i like

something about the way you move
caputred me
im like a slave for your love
that it cant set free
darling everytime you are around me

Glad You Came My Way lyrics

Aww baby (aww baby)

Ohhhh (oooooooo) baby

Wayne Wonder, for the ladies


Verse 1:

What i feel, girl i know it's oh so real

When you're next to me

There's no other place I'd rather be

She close my mind, she knows just how to set me free

She makes my find complete

Chorus 1:

Always satisfy my every need

Girl you're good to go, follow my lead

Hold Me Now lyrics

I have a picture,
pinned to my wall.
An image of you and of me and we're laughing and loving it all.
Look at our life now, tattered and torn.
We fuss and we fight and delight in the tears that we cry until dawn

Chorus 2x
Ohh, Hold me now, whoa warm my heart
stay with me, let the lovin start (let the lovin start)

You say I'm a dreamer, we're two of a kind


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