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silent aeons - Watch Me Fall

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Silent Aeons lyrics

Silent Aeons lyrics

This silence has tied me up so tight that I can't breathe

The night will pass away before I dare to fall asleep

?Within this trabquil darkness I dread to close my eyes

The stars so cold upon me shine from pitch-black sky

I know what's beyond there

The astral secrets reveal to me

The darkness rising, devouring this wretched earth

My soul is sinking into the timeless void

I fear to watch the calmness of the moonlit sea

For I know what waits under that deceptice serenity

I shiver to think the silent hills after sundown

The blackness so vast upon me, heavy on my mind

A vision of sheer terror right before my eyes

Travelling through the aeons till the end of time

A glimpse of something that was meant to be concealed

It's a dream I won't wake up from, turned to reality

I've seen what lies ahead

The mysteries revealed as night prevails

The darkness rising, devouring my wretched mind

My soul is screaming for final relief

Listen and fill in the blanks

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