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on borrowed time - Watch Me Fall

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On Borrowed Time lyrics

On Borrowed Time lyrics

Light of saving grace - glowing dawn at the end of our world

The morning sun will rise as soon as mankind dies

Our last and final chapter is soon to be closed (relief)...

Wandering pale, our presence here in vain

Tomorrow's gone and our lives scattered in yesterdays

The shades are closing in, heart of this earth now bleeds

Last lights flickering, our journeys turned to shadow chasing

All things bee said and done, this road has come to an end

And this is the road wew can't walk back and start all over again

What was pure is stained in dirt, all fragile torn to dust

This supreme king of all the living sits on the bough he cuts

This place without meaning, these times without a reason

Only little men with their little lives, little deeds in their little minds

Once so proud standing tall, we walked this earth so strong

Now we just born, waste and die for our good times have passed by

Listen and fill in the blanks

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