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more than gods could dream - Watch Me Fall

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More Than Gods Could Dream lyrics

More Than Gods Could Dream lyrics

the wind somberly sighs your name in the trees

The waves whisper of the love long since gone

As I hearken to them, my loneliness grows ever bitter

Evanescent are the moments of joy in this world


Each night when I close my eyes I see you again

You take my hand and together we'll fly away

(and reach for the stars...)

But in the end your imga begins to wane

So every time my fate is one and the same

(you are drifitng away...)

A lifetime of pain and regret reserved for me

Just unfulfilled dreams for the rest of my years

I still believe that we were meant to be one

Each dawn I die again when I know you are gone

(and I've been torn apart...)

"If a dragonfly dances too close to a candle it will burn", you said

My imminence, my burning flame made you leave?

But isn't it so that one must cut the wings of love so it won't fly away?


All my life, all my life I've been destined ti wander in shades

All these tears, all these tears I've cried in vain for you to return

And this pain, and this heart-rending pain is all I have left of you

How I've loved, how I've loved you more than gods could dream

If only, even for once, I could see your face...again...

Listen and fill in the blanks

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