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discord symphony - Watch Me Fall

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Discord Symphony lyrics

Discord Symphony lyrics

In a moment of a nightfall, treshold of a storm

Overture fades and the shades grow deep

All alone, forced to witness same play every day
Ground moans in black, newborn leaves fall and decay

For so long neither the wind has blown

Nor the sun shone to dry the pus in my wounds

Gradually spirit of our age dissipates

Dead emotions can't replace frustation and disgrace

From the cradle to the grave

Dancing in dark, atonal haze

Helical path leading downwards...

Maybe it's time for us to leave

Helter skelter we achieved

Failed creation of our symphony...

And then the pain strikes again...

Drawing last poison breath, as the rain falls

Our creations of violence, nowthe drain calls

All our time spent to solve this mount of troubles

The more I try I dissolve to all fading gray

Listen and fill in the blanks

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