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Worn lyrics - Watch Me Fall lyrics

Worn Out lyrics

...Gently blows the wind, and the ashes fly

So the dead cover those who yet have to die

And when the last embers flicker away

Maybe the new dawn will show the way (or lead me astray...)

Right from the start inviable and shallow

A fucking scarecrow, no path to follow

In this cold caress I've grown to live and breathe

All my memories they seem to twist and fade away

Winter Within lyrics

Another daybreak, naked and freezing inside

Cobolt blue flame burns in empty, tired, jaded eyes

Slowly morning sun lights the fire burning again
And horizon drops with poison rd as blood of time

Walking down the street- a trail stained by other bastard- Sons

Mother-Earth turns a blind eye, I choose my path again

This season we called winter has abandoned me

Waves lyrics

The soil I'm lying on is cooling down with the vanishing daylight

And bitter are these tears in my eyes

They're slowly flowing down my cheek like glowing pearls

But those pearls are for the swine

The mind behind this weak body tries to isolate

Not willing to crystallize the reasons for my grief

I try to figure out how I came to this state

Silent Aeons lyrics

This silence has tied me up so tight that I can't breathe

The night will pass away before I dare to fall asleep

?Within this trabquil darkness I dread to close my eyes

The stars so cold upon me shine from pitch-black sky

I know what's beyond there

The astral secrets reveal to me

The darkness rising, devouring this wretched earth

My soul is sinking into the timeless void

On Borrowed Time lyrics

Light of saving grace - glowing dawn at the end of our world

The morning sun will rise as soon as mankind dies

Our last and final chapter is soon to be closed (relief)...

Wandering pale, our presence here in vain

Tomorrow's gone and our lives scattered in yesterdays

The shades are closing in, heart of this earth now bleeds

Last lights flickering, our journeys turned to shadow chasing

More Than Gods Could Dream lyrics

the wind somberly sighs your name in the trees

The waves whisper of the love long since gone

As I hearken to them, my loneliness grows ever bitter

Evanescent are the moments of joy in this world


Each night when I close my eyes I see you again

You take my hand and together we'll fly away

(and reach for the stars...)

But in the end your imga begins to wane

Incoldblood lyrics

...Weight ascending on the scale of sins, the price we all must pay
Rendering accounts in cold blood, no compassion for today!!!

Discord Symphony lyrics

In a moment of a nightfall, treshold of a storm

Overture fades and the shades grow deep

All alone, forced to witness same play every day
Ground moans in black, newborn leaves fall and decay

For so long neither the wind has blown

Nor the sun shone to dry the pus in my wounds

Gradually spirit of our age dissipates

Dead emotions can't replace frustation and disgrace

Dirge For The Final Journey lyrics

Crawling clouds hide the moon staining silver on the waves

Like a swarm of blowflies darkness slowly spreads throughout

They're coming back again this time with a width of horizon

Mourning will come to an end, morning will never draw again

Burden grates the bones like fire licking naked skin

Like the memories fuel the flame of burning pain inside


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