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Perfect/Infect lyrics - Warhead lyrics

Infect lyrics

This concept album tells the fictional story of a man sentenced to death
awaiting his execution on death row. This is an emotional story of violence
and remorse, apprehension and uncertainty, hope and desperation,
told from the angle of the murderer. Beyond Recall is not making a
political statement for or against capital punishment. It does not deal

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Listen! lyrics

[music & arrangement by eilen]

[Mystic intro for the appearance of the leader of a sect.]

Behind My Eyes lyrics

...in his thoughts the murderer blames the ones who pass the laws,
sentence to death and file the cases away. In his eyes they commit a
murder, planned and legalized by the government. He asks himself: Could
they ever kill a man with their own hands?...

This is my life, a piece of paper in your hands
You play the big guy
You're behind the scenes of the crime
You don't push the button

K.y.n. lyrics

my apartment's 'round the block
downtown there's not much you've got
it was my last day at work
don't ask me if it does hurt

I've got to walk
'cause they damaged my car
last week at a slutty bar
oh, the rent I'm not able to pay
and my wife kicked me today

do yourself a good
in your neighbourhood
march along the floor and

Scream lyrics

now we face the end of 1999
like rats they leave the sinking ship
the higher-class mankind
tearing down the walls of inhumanity
the crowd stands up with powersaws
to show you how to bleed

staight ahead
there's no beg
you will get - perfect/infect

with unjustice and poverty
you've tried to starve us out
but Judgement-Day's not far from here,
you'll see what it's all about

Into The Light lyrics

...with his last words in the death chamber he swears,
he would never kill again...

I swear, I'd never fail again
I swear, I'd never fail again
I swear, I'd never fail again
I swear, I'd never fail again

Well-devised from the start
No matter what I learned
Where's the hand that I could hold
I never could return
I'm buckled on this cross-like desk
The whitnesses await

Shut Your Mouth lyrics

...right after the robbery the murderer tries to escape, the police search
teams hard on his heels. He's soon cornered and arrested...

Sirens wailing
Voices yelling

Confusion in my head, I cannot think at all
There's no turning back, backed against the wall
Sirens in the air, I hear that racking sound
The pounding of my heart, I'm feelin' they're around

Drop the gun, turn 'round!

Flashback Of A Poor Man lyrics

...the Pardon Board refuses the aquittal of the murderer. Outside the
courthouse there's a pro-death sentence demonstration and the people
demand his annihilation...

Turned down! Dead man in the dock
The Pardon Board has done it's job
I break down, guards lead me away
I have lost the game

Outside people celebrate
My day of death they can't await

Six Billion Reasons To Hate lyrics

you can speak as a man
you can walk as one
can be proud of your past
and the things you've done
all I read from your lips
is sweeter than gingerbread
Mr. President, I'm awake
shut your mouth, for God's sake


you promise good, promise work
money for everyone
but the best jobs in town

Celebrate Your Loot lyrics

...on the backseat of a squad-car he realizes for the first time what he
has done and wonders about his bleak future. He's aware of his guilt and
tries to justify himself with a blackout...

Oh let me wake up quickly, let me get outta here
And wash away the guilt, the blood-stains on my shirt Oh my god what have I
Why did I use this fuckin' gun?

The Other Side lyrics

hahahahaha! listen to me
children, listen to what I say
you're all here to find the truth
to find God and your duty
so when I say kneel
you'll have to kneel and speak to God
and now fold your hands and close your eyes
'cause this is what God has to say to you

you're here to pray along your way
into the night, the other side
and when you find the one who's blind


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