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warhead - Warhead

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Warhead lyrics

Warhead lyrics

[music: breitenbach]

[lyrics: breitenbach]

[arranged by breitenbach]

what do you think
while you are running here

between the bushes in the rain?

what do you feel

inside your fucking head?

cause now your "real me" goes insane

i will take your soul

for my own pleasure

many of you warheads

went that way before

be careful what you say

it takes your breath away

it takes your life

just another war

once again

you hear the hammering on the outside

the helicopters in the sky

you try to run

but you can't control your legs

you realize it's time to die

i will take your soul...

be careful what you say...

did you ever think

that your government

tells you the truth about your war?

you crossed the boarderline,

sawed the seeds of death

but in the end i beg for more

i will take your soul...

be careful what you say...

Listen and fill in the blanks

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