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hatred - Warhead

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Hatred lyrics

Hatred lyrics

[music: breitenbach - eilen]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by breitenbach]

a little room with a lattice window
here i live there's nothing more

outside concrete, grey and cold

this is my home, i'm the one who's left

the second made me be the one i am

the stories people tell here are heavy

and this is mine...

oh my love was great,

thought that i am the only one you need

you gave me the only

meaning to my life

i changed everything for you

said that we'd love until we die

and somehow

we made the words come true

the first year we were together

nothing bad i did expect

two people in a world full of honey

and slowly i got blind

something happenedin the second year

we were kissing but our eyes weren't closed

and sex became a different thing

than we did a few weeks ago

i didn't want to realize it

i didn't want to see

you said you went to the doctor

what a beautiful lie

for the time we didn't speak too much

and what we spoke was simply shit

i knew i would like to get rid of it

so one day you were calling the "doctor"

and i saw you leaving our home

i followed you to his place

and looked through the window

you were kissing

you were pissing

you were fucking that man

and i was watching you

so believe, i jumped through the window

to get you, my dear

i was taking the knife that i had

and ram it into your head


Listen and fill in the blanks

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