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carrie white - Warhead

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Carrie White lyrics

Carrie White lyrics

[music: eilen - breitenbach]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by breitenbach]

this is your life-long atmosphere

your mother keeps you trapped in here

a cruel world you can't escape

your name is carrie, you're in bad shape

your mother's mentally deranged

so you can't cope with life outside

the things she teaches you are strange

you can't differ the truth from lies

carrie white

you stand alone in the world of pain

your suffering is your mother's gain

the bloody child of a bloody ass

your whole life a total mess

there is no helping hand at school

no real friends you can talk to

no mercy, treated like a fool

it's just your mom who talks to you

carrie white

as you begin to realize

there's a power behind your eyes

satisfied, hear your mother yell

it is the exit out of hell

the ones who treated you so bad

are watching you now going mad

you kill the ones that took your pride

your final deed, the suicide!

carrie white

Listen and fill in the blanks

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