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Good Part For Each lyrics - Warhead lyrics

Let Me Die lyrics

[music: breitenbach - zur heide - eilen]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by WARHEAD]

incident of shame

the pope and his slaves want to tame

other points of view

non-religion is not true

what is god, is he

a point of view i cannot see?

let me die

i want to see god

fifteenth century

a witch in mortal agony

priests told women with red hair

Good Christian lyrics

[music: breitenbach]

[lyrics: zur heide]

[arranged by breitenbach ]

shades of blood

and shades of inhumanity

we can see

your trace throughout history

decades of hope

you brought up to society

and centuries of pain

and hopelessness and misery

your mission is perfect

you spread and infect

annoying insect

good christians


Hatred lyrics

[music: breitenbach - eilen]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by breitenbach]

a little room with a lattice window
here i live there's nothing more

outside concrete, grey and cold

this is my home, i'm the one who's left

the second made me be the one i am

the stories people tell here are heavy

and this is mine...

oh my love was great,

thought that i am the only one you need

Blindly lyrics

[music: eilen]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by WARHEAD]

a tear drops down from your face
the wrong thing at the right place

your eyes a touch of nothing

your captured

the bloody truth is, you're stoned again

feel the needle in your veins

buy the stuff and be dead

a little higher you get

eat pills instead eating bread

emotions you share with pain

you're insane

Good Part For Each lyrics

[music: breitenbach - eilen]

[lyrics: breitenbach]

[arranged by breitenbach]

honesty! misery! creep on knees to be free
don't you see, suffering is all you've got to feed the kings

self-defence! ignorance! second hand perplexity!

all that stuff are swellings of our cowardly society

if you don't ever close your eyes, you'll see what for your courage dies

Going To The Center lyrics

[music: eilen - breitenbach]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by WARHEAD]

the black door of a big neglected building
they call it papermill, we call it excess

i step inside, cold light shines

from a lantern outside, i feel depressed

i know this way well, so i walk down

to the basement to meet "me", friend

the rave-party starts right now

i ask for pills, enjoy that thrill

Carrie White lyrics

[music: eilen - breitenbach]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by breitenbach]

this is your life-long atmosphere

your mother keeps you trapped in here

a cruel world you can't escape

your name is carrie, you're in bad shape

your mother's mentally deranged

so you can't cope with life outside

the things she teaches you are strange

you can't differ the truth from lies

The Healing lyrics

[music: eilen]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by breitenbach]

the black sunshine high above
smell dead children, forget to love

soul burns brightly, never see

never hear a word from me

one door is open, one door is locked

i am the mountain, the highest rock

you'll never reach the end until

your hands work for my own will


a loaded pistol in your hand

Inbetween lyrics

[music: eilen]
[arranged by eilen]


Warhead lyrics

[music: breitenbach]

[lyrics: breitenbach]

[arranged by breitenbach]

what do you think
while you are running here

between the bushes in the rain?

what do you feel

inside your fucking head?

cause now your "real me" goes insane

i will take your soul

for my own pleasure

many of you warheads

went that way before

be careful what you say

Missiles lyrics

[music: eilen]

[lyrics: eilen]

[arranged by eilen]

now here i stand, i've got no eyes

got no hands, no arms to embrace

the darkest day, crossed man's way

can't describe the sorrow in me

missiles never win

missiles never care

missiles never win


the papers said that we would try

nuclear weapons we say good-bye

but a few more tests, some islands sink


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