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Beyond Recall lyrics - Warhead lyrics

Senseless lyrics

people are coming to take me out of my house
don't understand the angryness of the crowd
bursting windows raining down the floor
don't realize what they are reaching for


running, falling, slavering hands on my shirt
again and again they punch my face into the dirt
I lost my last hope when they started to beat
I'll never get myself out of this heat


Beyond Recall lyrics

where do I go?
is life all I know?
is pain all I feel,
and time is here to heal?
and I'm watching from the other side

there was the start
the years have played their part
a child, soon a man
what's left of my plans?
and the quest goes on until the end

who looks behind my eyes when I'm asleep?
who looks behind my eyes when I'm down deep?

Blackout lyrics

...now strapped to the table he hopelessly watches the preparation of his
lethal injection. As the poison enters his veins his life is beyond recall.

It's all a mistake, this show is a fake
You fuckers, you lie, I wanted to try
And no one of you, the murderers crew
Is better than me, you're guilty in my eyes

Who starts the machine?
You turn me to the screen

The Trial lyrics

hahahahaha! listen to me
children, listen to what I say
you're all here to find the truth
to find God and your duty
so when I say kneel
you'll have to kneel and speak to God
and now fold your hands and close your eyes
'cause this is what God has to say to you

you're here to pray along your way
into the night, the other side
and when you find the one who's blind

Desert Trip lyrics

holy church it's you we hail
feed us on our holy trail
give us gold and holy food
Jesus Christ we praise our loot

could be words in mind and head
wishing harmless people dead
did you act on God's command
"cleaning" all unholy land

celebrate, celebrate
celebrate, celebrate your loot

Hour Of Death lyrics

...because of the strict organisation and the brutality
of his treatment he feels robbed of his dignity...

Life is hell, a mindless odysee
Now here I dwell, stuck in misery
Forced to draw the line, life not worth a dime
Pain rules my day, living to obey

The guard wants to provoke me
The priest wants to calm me down:
Rage is aggravating. The punishment is known

Memories lyrics

...facing death he feels foresaken by God and his country. He never lived
a christian life but it's the irony of his fate that he - like Jesus -
will be executed. And didn't Jesus also say: "God, you failed!"...

I never thought I'd have something
In common with this man
My life was always different
To the way that god has planned

A Piece Of Your Flesh lyrics

The emanation of destruction goes on
Fortune is buried under walls
What is left behind our lives
Are the ruins of a global starvation

The result of a deadly ecology
Reverses the order of things
Nothing will prevent the age of chaos
And the premonition won't be heard

Warzones - under a burning sun
Warzones - the recapture of nature begins

The recreant still try to ignore

Forced lyrics

today was the day, money I didn't have
they came to me in their white coats
and took my kidneys and my heart
now my body's bloody cold,
my signature was my grave!

sign your name and you'll be free,
take the money and feel good
pay your debts, it's all okay,
20.000 you have got
I give you one year to pay back
and take your organs if you don't
now you know about the consequence,

The Last Butterfly lyrics

way up, way down and no way to return
mankind that never learned
just talk 'bout love and respect but just lie in fact
I tell you that's the way you act

the deep dungeons in the heads
are filled with distrust, hate and pain
a friendly smile to keep the common face
it's the same old ugly game


Lord lyrics

my apartment's 'round the block
downtown there's not much you've got
it was my last day at work
don't ask me if it does hurt

I've got to walk
'cause they damaged my car
last week at a slutty bar
oh, the rent I'm not able to pay
and my wife kicked me today

do yourself a good
in your neighbourhood
march along the floor and

Electrocute! lyrics

...desperation, regret and the wish for a second chance play on his mind
during his transportation to a high security prison far out in the desert...

They close the door, they start the bus
I hope it's not the last trip that I have to go
A driving cage that carries me
To the place you cannot flee
Am I a dead passenger?
So here I go, the sun is rising

I Swear lyrics

...years later: The day of his judgement is now certain. The execution of
a fellow inmate inflames his hate towards the prison and guards...

The sun rises, the light is warm and bright
Another inmate soon will lose his life
One more day, one more night, that's all
For sure he'll meet his murderers at dawn

Now they are here to kill another man
The Strap-down Team, I call them the hangmen


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