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Time Capsule lyrics - War and Peace lyrics

Love Has No Color lyrics

(Pilson, Hendrix)

Imagine if you had a second chance at life
What would you change that time to try and make it right
With black and white, uniting colors everywhere
When all the violence stops will love be in air

With living there's hope
You've only got to care, oh yeah
No matter how far down you go
There's always a way back

Let's all come together now

Stone Cold Believer lyrics

(Pilson, Parrish, Hendrix, Parent)

Take my hand and lead you to the water
I think I see a river in sight
Take my hand I lead you to the water
I think I see a river in sight

I know when you're all alone
Don' know which road you're on

But if you don't look back and stick to your direction
Everything will turn out alright
If you don't look back and stick to your direction

Change The World lyrics

(Hendrix, Parrish, Pilson)

If we could change the world
It wouldn't change their minds
We could turn back to good
But we can't turn back time

We've got to show them all
A world that's filled with hate and greed
Won't last for very long
It's love that we all need

We've got to change the world now
Before we run out of time
We've got to change the world
But we mst learn to walk

Can't Slow Down lyrics

(Householder, Hendrix, Pilson)

If you can take what I can give then listen up
One on one you know my love is dangerous
Heart and soul when I'm alone I climb the walls
Baby I just want to have it all

People think I'm crazy
They don't see what I'm seeing
People think I'm crazy
Good lovin's never easy at all
At all

You know I can't slow down til the morning after

New Sensation lyrics

(Pilson, Hendrix)

I'm gonna make you understand
There's a new sensation all across the land
You know it's always on mind
Gonna have a funky good time

Check it out

You got that feeling in your soul
Get up off that thing
Don't let me go (Oh no)
Show me that you want it (I want it)
'Cause I've got the groove you need

Mama I've got ways to let you know

World Spinnin' Round lyrics

(Pilson, Hendrix)

Lately I don't hesitate to tell you how I feel
See, good times come, good time go
Gotta hold on to what is real
Everything is changing
But that's alright
Gotta take what comes like a roll on the dice

You know that it ain't easy
Live and learn one day at a time

Feels like my world is spinnin' round
Every day it changes

Believe In Yourself lyrics


Close your eyes
What do you see
What you can be

Believe in yourself
I know you'll make it through
If you believe in yourself
Like I believe in you
Yes, I do

Hold my hand
Let your mind run free
You can have anything you want
Everythying you need

If you believe in yourself
That's all you have to do
Just believe in yourself
Like I believe in you

Heaven Is Waiting lyrics

(Pilson, Parrish, Hendrix)

Oh yeah

Old temptations
New frustrations
Open up your eyes
Let's get high on new sensations
Let your spirits fly

Everybody's crazy
You've got to find a way
We've got to come together
Let me hear you say

Heaven is waiting
And we'll all shine on
Heaven is waiting
And we'll all shine on

Shine on, baby

In a world of
Self destruction

I Miss You Mama lyrics

(Hendrix, Pilson, Parrish)

Morning comes
Still got you
On my mind
I just can't leave
These memories
Far behind

But mama
I just can't
Let you go
There's so much
I would like
You to know

I miss you mama
And there's nothing I can do
I want to say I love you
I miss you mama
And I don't know what to do
But I know you feel it too
Yes, you do

Even though
There were days

Spread Your Wings lyrics

(Pilson, Hendrix)

Do you need somebody
To please you
To hold you
Could it be anybody
Out there

Do you need somebody
To make life
Worth living
It could rain, anybody
It's time to
Move on

No one can stop you
Oh yeah
Do what you gotta do
Don't look back

Spread your wings and fly away
No one can hold you back now, baby
Follow your heart, it knows the way

We All Need Someone To Love lyrics

(Pilson, Hendrix)

Looking back on yesterday
Where did I go wrong
Just can't find the peace of mind
I've wanted all along
Oh, lord, oh it's true

Don't what you want from me
Don't know what to do
Let's walk this road together now
'Cause I would die for you
Oh, it's true

'Cause we all need someone to love
Everybody needs a friend when they can't hold on


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