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bullet train to heck - War Rocket Ajax

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Bullet Train To Heck lyrics

Bullet Train To Heck lyrics

Well I take a look around me.

And I don't like what I see.

There's to many people gonna go the wrong way.

And it don't look good to me.
They all go filing past they seem so unaware.

With the music loud and the flow of the crowd and the empty vacant stares.

Without so much as a blink.

They all board the train.

But the train is bound for he bad side of town.

Where they got nothin' but gnashing teeth and pain.

This train ain't bound for glory.

This train is long and black.

Everybody's movin' gotta get there seat

Here's one way in the back.

The seats are all recliners.

And the waitress she's real nice.

Just singin' a song as you roll along.

And they're servin' drinks on ice.

Well the train is gaining speed.

As they bring out your last meal.

Got a glass of gin and the fruits of sin.

And the devil's at the wheel.

You're on a bullet train to heck.

Well it ain't no trip to happy world land.

It's a bullet train to heck.

There's another bullet train.

Gonna head the other way.

There's plenty of room and it's leavin' soon.

And there ain't no fare to pay.

Well the views not quite so pretty.

And the seats ain't quite so nice.

But you'll step down on heaven's ground.

So baby don't think twice.

If you choose the other train.

No passin' go no collectin' dough.

Just go straight to hell.

Listen and fill in the blanks

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